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( Jan. 28th, 2011 05:41 pm)
Also, everyone should check out my bunnies.

[Me]: So. $200 for a four-hour flight to Williamsburg plus baggage limits. Then I'll need a flight back. Or I drive like Ravyn a maniac.
[Ravyn]: LOL
[Me]: I do not know which is the better option. D:
[Luna]: Be the Stunticon.
[Me]: What I really need to consider is the getting back. I'll be doing a convention.
[Me]: And driving 16 hours after being at a convention all weekend makes me want to cry.
[Wingus]: Opt to stay an extra day after the con to recoup if possible, then drive back?
[Me]: Possibly.
[Me]: I'll poke at it more in a month or so.
[Luna]: Take the Aerialbot option, then.
[Me]: If I could do this with Silverbolt, I definitely would.
[Ravyn]: it amuses me when the options can be summed up as either Aerialbot or Stunticon.
[Ravyn]: Of course, you could always take the Aerielbot option!
[Ravyn]: and swim home!
[Wingus]: That's the Seacon option!
[Luna]: The Constructicon option is... rebuild the 'con to be made of purple metal.
[Me]: *giggles*
[Luna]: The Predacon method is to stalk the con with only your natural weapons, using stealth and power.
[Wingus]: The Protectobot option is to volunteer for the medical staff.
[Luna]: *Eyes Ravyn.*
[Wingus]: Or just the staff in general.
[Wingus]: The Terrorcon option is to become of Those Guys - the creepers that make the con staff do extra work.

It gets weirder )


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