This book. This booooooooook. *rolls in it* <3333

This is the best vampire horror story I have ever read1. It builds so beautifully slowly, but it just keeps gaining momentum until you hit the last section of the book when everything swings into end-game.

It's a hell of an end-game. Once I hit it, I only put the book down to drive home.

Ben Mears returns to Jerusalem's Lot for the first time since his childhood in order to exorcise some personal demons regarding a local haunted house, the Marsten House, and write his new book. He meets a pretty local girl, and they hit it off well. The town goes on about its life around them.

A fellow named Straker arrives in town to set up a new furniture shop and occupy the Marsten House with his reclusive partner, Mr. Barlow. Straker is a creepy but somewhat charismatic man, while Mr. Barlow is off in New York on a buying trip.

A dog is found nailed up dead over the cemetary gates. Shortly thereafter, a young boy disappears while going through the woods with his brother. His brother dies not a week later.

The vampires in Jerusalem's Lot are what my dad terms "Macedonian vampires", based off of some vampire-hunter RPG he no longer remembers the name of. The key and important trait of the Macedonian vampire is that anyone they feed to death on arises as an undead.

In 'Salem's Lot, the undead are fairly... I wouldn't say dumb, but they seem to be acting more on instinct than particular thought. Whereas Barlow is more than thoughtful enough to sadistically toy with our heroes. Damn. Some of the things he did gave me the shivers.

I really want a story about spoilers )

One of the things that really impressed me with this book was that the ending was not bleak and horrible and everyone dies. Even though pretty much everyone died. But the ending was actually pretty hopeful.

Such a good book. *rolls*

So, if I want other books like this book by King, which of his works do you recommend?

1. The best overall vampire book I have ever read is Robin McKinley's Sunshine, but 'Salem's Lot is definitely a close second.


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