Two Saturdays ago, I had my first Saturday off in months! It was very exciting, especially since my new medicine regime means I get up by 7 or 8 every morning. Instead of going back to sleep, I happily got ready to go to the aquarium!

It's been ages since we've gone downtown to visit that. Sufficient ages that I am no longer covered by my parents' Audobon membership and need to get my own at next opportunity. Once we got inside, though, we set out to find the exhibit we'd come to see: Parakeet Pointe.

The aquarium now has a small aviary with over eight hundred free-flying parakeets. It is so awesome. You can buy food sticks at the door, and if you come in early like we did, the parakeets haven't been stuffed full and will happily climb onto your feed stick, hand, and arm. Sometimes they will also test your edibility and your shirt's edibility.

So much fun!

Last week, [ profile] spyridona and I used Netflix to check out Bizarre Foods, because [ profile] dunmurderin had mentioned enjoying it to me once. Yes, I am that much of a magpie with random comments.

We loved it. Research material! Food porn! Food seriously-not-porn! Andrew, we are not taking you places where you can eat sheep eyes again.

The first episode we watched was the Morocco episode. I was so taken with the cuisine, I looked up some recipes the next day and cooked them over the weekend. I am happy to report the lamb tangine and ksra were incredibly delicious.


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