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Will o' the Wisp by [ profile] lunatron: Transformers G1 Red Alert matches his wits against a murderer as subtle as a ghost and destructive as wildfire. Can Red Alert catch the murderer before the death total spirals out of control? Meanwhile, an old friend asks Red Alert a favour in finding a missing person.

Luna is one of the best people for writing Red Alert. She shows him as a troubled, concerned Security Director who is damn good at his job. Then she throws, well, this case at him.

Legend of the Deeps by [ profile] dragoness_e: Transformers G1 The three triple-changer Decepticons are on a mission to an alien star system to retrieve a mysterious energy source. Too bad for them that Decepticons make a nice snack for that which lairs in the deeps of space.

"Legend of the Deeps" is a really enjoyable space adventure with Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and Octane. DE takes a half-remembered science fiction monster and turns it into something that's a major threat to our Decepticons. This being one of DE's stories, our protagonists get the crap kicked out of them, and it looks pretty dicey that they'll get out alive.

Tarnish Politics by [ profile] lunatron: Transformers Marvel G1 Impactor finds himself bodyguard to Emirate Xaaron, and a job that should be boring gets interesting in the worst possible way.

"Tarnish Politics" is just about the only Impactor/Xaaron story I've ever found, but fortunately it's written by one of my favorite Transformers authors. Luna does a good job getting you into the world without the reader needing a grounding in Marvel comics. She also expands a lot on the pre-war culture of Cybertron, which, if you know me, totally falls under "one of my things".

Autobot Angels by [ profile] dragoness_e: Transformers: the Movie A novella of the Autobot dead who did not go gently into that good night, nor rested quietly while their friends fought so desperately for Autobot City.

This story makes me cry every time I read it. Which is some of the highest praise I can give to a story.

Belonging by [ profile] lyricality: Transformers: Animated

An alternate ending to "A Bridge Too Close", wherein Optimus falls through the space bridge with Megatron. "Belonging" deals with an accidental spark-bond in one of the best ways I've seen (painfully, if you know my opinion on spark-bonds), and it actually deals with the fact that Animated Optimus is basically a kid compared to Megatron. Lots of good name reuse from previous serieses - I really like her Ani Thunderblast, for instance. How everything works out in the end... well, I wish I could write a story like that half so well.
Title: Found Child
Series: Transformers: Animated
Characters: Emirate Xaaron, Pee-Dee (OC)
Word Count: 700+
Rating: PG
Summary: For the first time since he left Cybertron, Xaaron gets to one of the Allspark's feral children before the Decepticons do.

Found Child )
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06. When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

Given how much I write giant robots and computer programs who only have a gender because they decide to have a gender, it's... not really an issue for me. I tend to think I am better at writing female characters, due to having grown up as and being female, but I don't really think I'm bad at writing male characters.

So, no preference.


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