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( Sep. 10th, 2011 09:22 pm)
Having watched all episodes but #20 and #23, I find myself frustrated with how they're portraying Breakdown. Specifically, with his rivalry with Bulkhead. Uber-specifically, with the fact that we have Bulkhead telling us they have a ~history~ and Breakdown has done ~terrible~ things, but no details as to what.

Come on, we have a very good idea of what Airachnid did to earn Arcee's hate! Megatron is a crazy Devourist on necromantic drugs, Starscream is Starscream, and even Knock Out drives humans off of cliffs. Only Soundwave is more innocuous than Breakdown, and that's because Soundwave's primary job seems to be to scold Starscream when he's misbehaving.

Breakdown, as the show depicts him, is a big jerk who likes to fight. Not even that big a jerk; he's pretty brotastic with Bulkhead in the latter part of "Operation Breakdown".

Show me why Bulkhead hates him, show!

Or I'm going to assume it was a bad breakup.


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