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Chat post! :D

[Bex]: Meanwhile, Shockblast looks like Shockwave, sounds like Depth Charge, and is a complete psychopath.
[Kep]: that's the TF hotness trifecta there!

[Bex]: Though nothing will drive me madder than not being able to save where I want.
[Scott]: *saves conversation right now*
[Bex]: Miw?
[Liona]: I like the Cracked argument that there's no reason for modern games not to let you save where you want to.
[Scott]: Well obviously you're just uesless at the game and there's something wrong with you.
[Scott]: ...wait.
[Scott]: *reloads from save state* I totally agree with you, Becca.

[Bex]: Currently reading TFAni's tvtropes page. Send help.
[Scott]: Wow, some of these links look really awesome. You should click on them in new tabs and read those too!
[Scott]: That's help right? I'm helping?

[Bex]: I want ALL THE TOYS, Rin
[Rin]: I don't think that is actually a feasible life goal, Bex
[Rin]: seriously, I am pretty sure at this point the number of different Transformers toys is just the infinity symbol

[Rin]: also I can't stop calling it teevee now DAMMIT BECCA

[Bex]: No, Becky, you don't need to go inventory your Bumblebees.
[Bex]: Seriously, girlfriend.
[Wingus]: Bumblebees - 1 swarm

[Luna]: Brencis has set Max's clothes on fire. Clearly, Tavi should take advantage of Max being naked to make out with Max. :v
[Bex]: *giggles*
[Luna]: No, no, you are doing this wrong! Going to jail is not making out!

[Ra]: I love this idea.
[Ra]: So Onslaught and Swindle assist by trying to nail her?
[Ra]: ..............I did not even realize how that sounded.
[Luna]: Yeah, crucify the Junkion with exploding rubies!
[Luna]: This cannot go wrong.

[Luna]: When the Junkion goes down on top of him, Onslaught lets out a victorious guffaw, ready to boast,
[Ra]: Yarr.
[Luna]: Pee-Dee is going down on Onslaught? Oh baby.
[Ra]: ...........I didn't even notice that.
[Lotti]: *SNORT*
[Luna]: Blast Off: "Just tell me you did not catch Cosmic Rust." *Sniffs.*
[Ra]: Onslaught: "I did not, though I feel an oddly compulsive desire now to quote motion pictures about warfare."

[Scott]: Haha if only! you're so silly, Becca.
[Bex]: Given I'm currently writing Onslaught getting knocked up via magic, yes.
[Scott]: I'm... doing something that's not that.

[Kep]: I was first getting into TFs during the Beast Wars thing and was like "Yeah, you're right, it's nothing like the G1 series -- better writing, better plots, better characterization, an ongoing story arc, backstory that makes sense, better world building...nope, nothing like G1..."

[Bex]: -- You might find this interesting.
[Rin]: holy fuck
[Rin]: I must kill him and devour his soul to take his power for my own
[Rin]: D:

[Bex]: How does NaNoWriMo compare to real writing?
Well, you know, "real" writers sit down and put words on the page. Whereas those wacky NaNoWriMo folks are all aboutĀ sitting down and putting words on pages. How could you possibly compare the two?
[Spyri]: For serious.
[Spyri]: I mean, who would think people attempt to throw words at a page?
[Bex]: Communists?
[Bex]: 644/1500
[Spyri]: Go communist scum!

[Luna]: *Looks at Razorclaw's post.*
[Luna]: Also, possibly first open conflict between Autobots and Decepticons and all that implies.
[Luna]: ...erm, no?
[Luna]: We already have a few different fights going on!
[Bex]: I'm thinking Fool's Rubies is probably the "first" chronologically?
[Luna]: Yeah.
[Bex]: It does not get much more open than a zombie on a motorcycle fighting three jewel-thieves with chainsaws.

[Sam] entered the room.
[Sam]: Hi all.
[Luna]: Lich Lord Sam, master of muppets.
[Luna]: Hail.
[Jim]: Yo!
[Bex]: Hello!
[Sam]: . . . Yes. That is who I am.
[Sam]: How did I become the Lich Lord of muppets?
[Liona]: Very carefully.
[Luna]: I assume that you raised Jim Henson from the grave or something. I don't know. Why are you asking ME about YOUR adventures?

[Luna]: IDW has this problem, too. In theory, it is just another G1, but the character designs are the only things that make it a G1. If everyone was drawn like... Prime style, for example, it would make it clearer that it's not really the same at all.
[Luna]: For example, a lot of people complain that IDW Onslaught is written 'wrong'.
[Bex]: (Neeeeeeeedlenose.)
[Luna]: Yeah. IDW Needlenose is very much not the same as Marvel Needlenose. They are different characters, but them having the same designs sort of muddles the matter.
[Luna]: And I can't blame the writiers for putting new spins on old characters. No one wants to be shackled to someone else's creative vision. At the same time, I tend to be wistful for the characters I first fell in love with.
[Bex]: I hate to strike up a song in the key of Needlenose here, but that.

[Bex]: This is during the period when I was only reading IDW very very casually.
[Charles]: so was the editor

[Bex]: Apparently I need all the "John Barleycorn" variants, as well as all the "Tom O' Bedlam" variants.
[Pux]: Are there enough computers in the world?
[Bex]: I do not know. I suspect we'll have to build a Transformer to hold all of it.
[Pux]: ......So now Leandra is going to get Soundwave on this stuff.
[Bex]: :D
[Pux]: And Starscream will be all "FUCK THE WHAT"

[Bex]: Action Master Elites are Action Masters - the group of Transformers who are unable to transform - who are able to transform.
[Pux]: ........
[Pux]: Doesn't that defeat the purpose of...
[Bex]: One might think, yes.
[Pux]: I find myself at a loss.

[Bex]: 1411/2000
[Luna]: You are an excellent word puncher today, Becca.
[Bex]: Yes. Must punch more, though!
[Luna]: Punch your fist all the way through the torso of those words, Becca, and leave it bleeding on the floor!

[Luna]: So, if Long Feng and Fidelias were locked in a room, how much schenanigans could they get up to before a plucky hero foils their plans?

[Jess]: Wingus, I am going to do something cruel and unusual!
[Jess]: Look! It's a article chock-full of links to Tvtropes!
[Wingus]: /throws mouse out window
[Jess]: It's like an unholy marriage of the most addictive sites on the web!

[O-Decepticon]: The Fantastic Bombastic Brawl says, "By god, I can't find the spacebridge without a map but I can find the bar just by guessing. I AM a Combaticon!"

[Scott]: What is wrong with you, first commenter?
[Scott]: Cyborg Obama would be RAD.
[Bex]: I know!
[Bex]: I was disappointed when I realized it wasn't Cyborg Obama.
[Scott]: Imagine the leaders debates.
[Scott]: White Middle Aged Guy: Basically I hate people who don't look like me, don't like the same gender as me or have less money than me so I want to have all their money because this is America.
[Scott]: Cyborg Obama: Eye Laser Activate. *BZARP*

[Luna]: You're supposed to record surgeries! If Blackarachnia confiscates the tapes, how will Tarantulas defend himself in a malpractice suit?
[Luna]: With guns. I am pretty sure guns are an acceptable defense in a Decepticon malpractise suit.

[Bex]: *finds a Prime fic where... Starscream is Will Lennox's mother?*
[Luna]: ....whaaaaat.
[Bex]: -- I THINK that's what's going on.
[Bex]: Wouldn't swear to it.
[Luna]:, Starscream is Will Lennox's mother.

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I love when you do this.

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"seriously, I am pretty sure at this point the number of different Transformers toys is just the infinity symbol"

There's enough for an actual planet of robots.