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Dallas, TX, April 26-29! That is in reasonable driving distance, and looks to be a week after my birthday! :D

Anybody I can split a room with?

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I'm hoping to find some people to share a room with!

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That is two of us for a room then!

... crap, how soon am I going to have to make reservations in order to get into the hotel? Argh, that is the thing with cons.

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Very soon, if past years are anything to go by (if you want to be in the official hotel, anyway). I usually make my room reservation right away, since it can always be cancelled, transferred, or modified if things change. I don't have my credit card with me, or I'd have done so already.

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I'll be going, and I have no idea what I'm doing with rooming and such yet. ^_^;;;

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So I'd like to toss my name in the ring?

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Well, that is three!

*looks down at jedi_sheng's comment* ... I can't deal with this right now. #UltraMagnus

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My apologies for intruding^^
I'm hoping to go to Botcon as well but I figured you should know that as of right now the block the Hyatt reserved for Botcon is already sold out, as are most of the rooms in the near-by hotels
Right now we're hoping that the Hyatt will open up a second block or that Botcon will get us a deal at a neighboring hotel...
The hotel filled up FAST... I went to reserve a room when I got the email and they were already out of rooms.

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I can't deal with this right now. #UltraMagnus

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I'd room with you!

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Now we just need to get a room. That will take some finagling.

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Yeah, that's always the fun part... Anybody hit up Ravyn, see if she managed to snag a handful of rooms? She usually tries to reserve like, four, just to make sure everyone else gets one.

On the subject of a room...

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I just reserved a room, 2 bed... They seem to have opened up another block to allow more people to register.
Should anyone be interested I would love to have people to split room cost with (my brother can't attend as it's during his classes), however I can understand should you not wish to^^