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Lost World: Jurassic Park

Every single person who died in that movie died because of Nick.

You may not remember Nick. He's the wildlife photographer Hammond hired to go with Ian's team. We later find out he's an eco-terrorist, too.

During the course of the movie, he:
- releases all of Team Bad's captured dinosaurs, causing a stampede that destroys Team Bad's communications equipment,
- takes an injured t-rex baby back to his base camp, which brings the adult t-rexes along to kill one of Ian's team and destroy all of their equipment, and
- unloads Roland's gun, which means Roland can't shoot the t-rex when it's wandering through the panicking camp.

As a side effect of getting all that equipment destroyed, everyone has to band together and march into the velociraptor territory at the center of the island because there's communications equipment in the old Ingen labs there.

As a side effect of unloading Roland's gun, when Roland reloads it, he uses tranqs. So when he does shoot the t-rex, it remains alive and can be taken to San Diego.

Nick did NOT deserve to survive this movie.

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And you note, he had nothing to do with San Diego and getting the T-Rex back on the boat, despite the whole thing being his fault.

...but I'm still more mad at the parents in movie 3 for lying to Grant like that. At least in movie 2 they TRIED to be prepared! Movie 3 they survived by dumb luck.

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I don't see Nick getting many Christmas cards that year...

(I had the Chaos Island PC strategy game of the film. One of the things Eddie said when you selected him was "Didn't I die? In the movie, I died...")

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It's been years since I've seen this movie, that you mention it...what the effin' blip does that team need with a wildlife photographer in the first place?

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Because Ian's team was supposed to be going to study the dinos. Part of that is photographic evidence. It wasn't until InGen showed up to take the dinos off the island that things got bad.

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The T-rex scene was most definitely his fault. Rolland even (deservedly) calls him a complete bastard when he figures out what he did.

But Sarah was totally an accomplice, if not the original instigator, in both of the other situations.

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Oh, no denying she was an accomplice. Especially on the frigging baby t-rex. Girl, when your first response to seeing him coming with it is "Are you INSANE?", perhaps you should make him put it down.

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Interesting observation.