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Rebecca Hb. ([personal profile] beckyh2112) wrote2011-12-21 12:43 pm
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Can someone link this on the release 88 post, please?

Dear Livejournal:


I refuse to change browsers to get the same functionality I had yesterday. What is the point of having beta-tests if you don't deal with something this big before it even goes live?

This is a PROBLEM. Just about everything you've done with the new comment pages is a problem, because you are removing functionality and seriously, what the hell were you thinking?

One very annoyed writer,
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Goddamit, THIS. I know it won't matter one bit, but there's no way I'm renewing my paid account after this horrible move.

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okay, when I clicked to comment this entry in firefox, it didn't go there or came up blank. Now as I am using internet explorer, it works. WTF?

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I'll link it for you. So far I haven't had any problems with posting, but given the pages upon pages of complaints....

Unfortunately, this appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

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Test...? I just updated to FF 9.0.

Edit: If you still can't comment, have you got javascript turned off by default in the browser or in Adblock? This new version looks and acts very much like something an ad-blocker would hate I reckon.
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Test. Works with my Firefox 3.6.25, but I will note that I do allow LJ in NoScript to do scripts because stuff doesn't work well if I don't.

Edit: Doesn't entirely work--didn't use the icon I selected the first time. Should be Living Dead Girl, not my default dragon tattoo.
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I'd put this in the subject line if I could by way of introduction...

...seeing as reCaptcha isn't loading for me at the moment so I can't go on the R88 post, and thought you might find this useful.

A temporary solution might be to download this add-on (, allows you to right click on a page and change the rendering engine, allowing you to comment. It's not very stable so it is just a temporary fix, but it might mean you can leave comments in the meantime (it's what I'm having to use right now), until LJ presumably gets its crap sorted (my faith is not overflowing).

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It's so beautiful. :D

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Haha XD

Sadly it seems to require debugging with Captcha, so commenting on big complainy posts is still an issue, but the new ~news post has yet to hit 5,000!