Shockwave: "Megatron, I can't just repair Soundwave back from near death. Supplies for that kind of thing don't just drop out of the sky."
Optimus: *THOOM! as he drops out of the sky to fight Megatron*
Shockwave: "Never mind, I can repair Soundwave."

You can tell he is thinking "as soon as you disable Prime and let me loot him for parts".
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( Jul. 18th, 2011 09:47 pm)
Apparently cheering up is not happening. Or, at least, it's happening with some fairly big signs of "sit on your hands about this certain thing".


Impactor used to read Megatron's bad poetry. :D

IDW just got me reading their Transformers comics again.

(I waaaaaant a forward-time meeting between Megatron and Impactor so bad.)
Currently I pull five comics from DC:

- Green Lantern
- Green Lantern Corps
- Emerald Warriors
- Booster Gold
- The Flash

Looking at the various titles on offer post-reboot, I will likely pull:

- Green Lantern
- Green Lantern Corps
- The New Guardians
- Red Lantern(s) [at least for a few issues]
- Booster Gold
- The Flash
- Justice League International
- Blue Beetle
[ETA:] - Aquaman

Possibly also Resurrection Man, because the inherent concept sounds interesting.

So I would be adding three four new comic lines I buy issues from, which is a win for DC. On the other hand, three of the ones I'm adding are: yet another Lantern Corps spin-off and you can see I already really like Lanterns, Jaime!Blue Beetle in his own series again when I own all the issues of his previous series, and a team comic with both Booster and Jaime.

So, it is a general win for DC because I am buying more comics from them, but it doesn't seem to be a specific win where their reboot gets me interested in properties and teams outside of the ones I was already interested in. Except Aquaman.
So I finally caught up with and finished the stuff about the Weaponer of Qward, and that was a crap-ass resolution to his personal storyline.


Especially since we spent five months on him.
They are rebooting the ENTIRE DC Universe! To a "more modern" look at the "early days" of the heroes, and YOU ARE TAKING AWAY ALL THE GREEN LANTERNS I LIKE, BOOSTER GOLD AS A TIME COP, and JAIME!

I want to scream bloody murder.
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( May. 28th, 2011 05:50 pm)
One, company-wide crossovers are of the devil. (You too, DC.)

Two, none of your Ragnarok stories will ever match Walt Simonson's. This is because none other takes the time to build up the ominousness in the background for over a year of comics, none other is called "Ragnarok and Roll", and none other involves the 101st Airborne and the blessed dead of Valhalla trading weapons after the fight.

Which means, no other Ragnarok will result in Skurge the Executioner fending off the hordes of Hel with a pair of M-16s.

Also, this. I love this.
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( Jan. 28th, 2010 04:30 pm)
My dabbling in Sinestro/Soranik Natu has become phenomenally creepy now that we've found out he's her father.

Though, the structure of the relationship still stands as in-character. Oh, Sinestro, do you ever actually listen when Soranik talks, or do you delude yourself into thinking you know her heart better than she does?

Seriously, dude. Stop telling her she'll one day come around to your point-of-view about how the universe needs to be run. She isn't buying it.
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( Jan. 27th, 2010 09:41 pm)
Today is my day off, so I went down to the comic shop for the first time in a month or two to pick up our collected issues. And, since Jess has been telling me all about Blackest Night, I went and splurged all over their Blackest Night selection and got the owner to try to re-order the main-storyline issues I'm missing.

Writing goals for today are SO out the window.

ps238 #42: Remains awesome, needs to come out more often.

Last Stand of the Wreckers #1: I have no idea who half these people are, but that's often my problem with IDW comics. The last scene with Overlord made me wonder if he and that Autobot are about to have sex. The last scene with the Wreckers was frigging awesome, and I hope to find out more of what's going on there.

Bumblebee #1-#2: The situation: Optimus Prime has retired for some damn fool reason I don't feel like looking up to find out, Hot Rod has pulled off of Earth, so the Earth Autobots elect Bumblebee as leader. Now he does what he can to do right by the humans and the Autobots who believed in him. FUCK YEAH.

Talking about Bumblebee goes on for a while. Also, more comics )

And I think I'll leave reading my Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps issues until tomorrow.
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( Mar. 7th, 2009 06:17 pm)
I'm trying to get back in the writing groove, so I picked up this piece from where it was half-finished and polished it off. Brief discussions of all sixty-three books I read in 2008 under the cut.

Books I Read in 2008 )
Writer: Dan Jolley
Artists: Randy Gentile, JD Mettler, Greg Scott

Format: Four issue mini-series. I love mini-serieses, because usually whoever is writing them has a specific story they're trying to tell. They're self-contained, connected with the main storylines of the ongoing lines, but not usually required reading to understand the main lines or requiring reading of the main lines to understand the mini-series. Familiarity is sufficient, and where familiarity fails, Wikipedia takes up the slack.

Basic Premise: After finishing up a 'go here, kill these people' job of his own, Victor Creed wanders into someone else's attempted assassination job. The Russian-named semi-professionals try to kill him so they will have no living witnesses to what they did. Fair enough. Sabretooth, however, reacts about as well as can be expected to people trying to kill him. The fight ends with him rescuing the assassination target out of spite, and the two of them escaping.

Now, however, Victor's curiosity is piqued. Who were those guys with the gear? Why are they trying to kill this woman? Why are they still trying to kill this woman and him?

Really, there are better ways to get Victor Creed off your case than trying to kill him. Repeatedly. Even if emptying a couple of clips from high-powered military rifles/machine-guns into him seems like fun.

Expanded Premise: Spoilers )

Art: Realistic in style, fairly gritty. I know it takes place at night, but the artist could do with less of the solid black shadows. With the amount they're used, they start to obscure rather than enhance. Otherwise, the coloring is pretty damn spectacular, especially for a night piece. There are a few action panels where I'm not exactly sure what Creed or the other guys have just done, but thankfully the vast majority of the action panels are understandable.

There are no glaringly obvious anatomy mistakes, and everyone is depicted with realistic builds. Creed is damn fine with his shirt off without being a super-muscular action-hero.

Violence: It's a Sabretooth mini-series.

Sex: Yes. Non-graphic sex between Victor and Bonnie, implied past sexual encounters between Victor and other people.

Highlights: - Victor startling at Bonnie being sexually aggressive towards him.

Spoilers )

Overall: The story is effective and well-done. It fits Victor Creed well. This is obviously one of his saner stages in life, but he goes through those in Marvel comics. The fact that this is one single night, and neither Victor nor Bonnie are really given a lot of time to emotionally deal with what they're going through makes the romance effective and believable. The violence is as high and vicious as should be expected for Sabretooth doing what he does best. The plot is tight, and if the bad guys are occassionally behaving in ways I think are dumb, it's not as if they're holding an Idiot Ball. They're making realistic mistakes, rather than "omigod, did your brain get eaten by mercury?" mistakes.
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( May. 29th, 2008 05:42 pm)
Real life continues to suck.

As a distraction, here's why the contracts for Tokyopop's Manga Pilot program are made of evil.

Seriously. Not only do they do a power-grab on all of your rights (one year of exclusive TP-publishing, then they can perpetually non-exclusively republish your work whenever and not pay you), they also reserve the right to not credit you for your work.

The contract is so perfectly toned for preying on the young and inexperienced that it makes me sick.

ETA: On the flip side, here's an examination of this contract that makes it appear not sickening so much as far too vague and condescending with the language. However, this guy also acknowledges that Tokyopop has a history of screwing creators over.

ETA2: As an aside, the general message I'm getting from reading up on this is "real comic artists don't do On Spec Work. Because the contracts are shite".

As a further aside, I'm finding it hugely fun to link-hop to all the discussions I can find on this subject. Many, many angry people. (This is just as much fun as when I was link-hopping to discussions of the Open-Source Boob Project, except I'm less likely to get furious at the people who Do Not Get why other people disliked the idea.)

ETA3: A much more in-depth discussion of why this contract sucks.

I'm going to stop with the edits now.
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( Feb. 25th, 2008 07:15 pm)
The universe has decided to make up to me by giving me awesome.
Results are in for Wayward's Non-True Love Relationships Challenge: Lunatron won. Given the awesome nature of Lunatron's Tarnish Politics, I at least am not surprised.

I'll be covering the other entries I read in my February fiction round-up in early March. (And someday, I'll take my list of what I read in January and write up something for that. Probably next week after I finish my [ profile] springkink entries.)

My own entry into the contest I'm going to revise and expand before I redistribute it in the usual places. Again, probably won't start on that until after [ profile] springkink is done with me. But my original plan for the story calls for it to go right up to the elevator in Crystal City, so I'd like to take the time and actually do that.

I also have some Constructislash, "Chaotic Neutral", that I need to give final revisions to and post. I've only been working on it off and on for over a year, after all.

Oh, yeah. Relevant to my recent round of Hunter-squee: Hail and Farewell, Simon Furman's own Mosaic entry (which is canonical) is about Hunter O'Nion two years on. Spoilery, but hot damn.
So after a fair amount of discussion with Charles, I've come to two three several conclusions about this arc of the ongoing line masquerading as a mini-series:

1) I want Devastation #6 right now.
2) I want a Spotlight: Hunter O'Nion.
3) I want Hunter fanfic.

Oh, and 4) I want to see how Verity and Jimmy are doing after Ratchet spoilered ).

The Reaper plot can go hang, really.
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( Feb. 12th, 2008 11:09 pm)
Anyone know of any places online where there's art of IDW Megatron with his crest on display? I lack my Megatron: Origins issues right now and have an urge to share.


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