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( Nov. 22nd, 2011 08:04 pm)
[Bex]: Meanwhile, Shockblast looks like Shockwave, sounds like Depth Charge, and is a complete psychopath.
[Kep]: that's the TF hotness trifecta there!

There's a lot of Transformers stuff under here )
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( Oct. 5th, 2011 11:21 pm)
[Rin]: okay
[Bex]: And now I am about to go to bed. Timing!
[Rin]: actually, it's fine, because I have come online in InvisiRin mode to tell you just one thing
[Rin]: and that thing is YOU ARE THE FRIGGING DEVIL

Rest Behind the Cut )
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( Sep. 12th, 2011 10:24 pm)
[Bex]: Also, wow, the Thor comics got pretty weird.
[Rin]: weirder than bitty!Loki and dealwiththedevil!Spider-Man?
[Bex]: Thor was carrying Loki's still-living head around for a while.
[Rin]: .........................
[Rin]: well okay then.
[Bex]: Okay, a couple of issues.
[Bex]: Still, that is two issues longer than is normal.
[Rin]: that is THREE issues longer than is normal. O_o;;;;;

Behind the Cut, now a hit new series from ABC )
[Scott]: Speaking of spoilering things, Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud.

On the chat log show tonight! )
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( Jan. 28th, 2011 05:41 pm)
Also, everyone should check out my bunnies.

[Me]: So. $200 for a four-hour flight to Williamsburg plus baggage limits. Then I'll need a flight back. Or I drive like Ravyn a maniac.
[Ravyn]: LOL
[Me]: I do not know which is the better option. D:
[Luna]: Be the Stunticon.
[Me]: What I really need to consider is the getting back. I'll be doing a convention.
[Me]: And driving 16 hours after being at a convention all weekend makes me want to cry.
[Wingus]: Opt to stay an extra day after the con to recoup if possible, then drive back?
[Me]: Possibly.
[Me]: I'll poke at it more in a month or so.
[Luna]: Take the Aerialbot option, then.
[Me]: If I could do this with Silverbolt, I definitely would.
[Ravyn]: it amuses me when the options can be summed up as either Aerialbot or Stunticon.
[Ravyn]: Of course, you could always take the Aerielbot option!
[Ravyn]: and swim home!
[Wingus]: That's the Seacon option!
[Luna]: The Constructicon option is... rebuild the 'con to be made of purple metal.
[Me]: *giggles*
[Luna]: The Predacon method is to stalk the con with only your natural weapons, using stealth and power.
[Wingus]: The Protectobot option is to volunteer for the medical staff.
[Luna]: *Eyes Ravyn.*
[Wingus]: Or just the staff in general.
[Wingus]: The Terrorcon option is to become of Those Guys - the creepers that make the con staff do extra work.

It gets weirder )
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( Nov. 4th, 2010 07:58 pm)
[DE]: What is a Godless Sex Infidel, and where do I get one?
[Cyn]: I think Mr. Ellis keeps them all to himself.
[Cyn]: which is most unfair

Moar )
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( Aug. 5th, 2010 07:12 pm)
[AwesomeSquid]: It makes my inner dino-nerd rage every time I see Dinobot wag his tail all snake-like.
[Liona]: <3
[Luna]: He's a robot dinosaur.
[Luna]: Demoaeosaurids also do not turn into robots that quote Shakespeare.

More, more, more! )
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( Feb. 14th, 2010 01:55 pm)
Because my friends are sillies, and I have stuff I've been saving since November. Time to clean out the file, man. ^__^

Cut to protect your flist )
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( Jul. 25th, 2009 07:55 pm)
Because they amuse my Pux.

[Ra] entered the room.
[Tai]: Heya.
[Me]: I am just not following the connection between "giant robots" and "strawberries and peanut butter".
[Luna]: Me either.
[Tai]: Nor I.
[Luna]: I could understand the peanut butter.
[Luna]: But not the strawberry.
[Tai]: But, well, yummy. I'm easily distracted by yummy sometimes.
[Ra]: Well I stumbled into an interesting discussion.

There's more )
[Ravyn]: holy crap, I actually got a male whiptail... *thuds*
[Tai]: wewt
[Dragoness Eclectic]: Okay, I'm guessing pixel pets, not someone mailing you a lizard....
[Luna]: Awww.
[Liona]: Hey, I'll have you know that the Random Mail-Order Lizard Enterprise is a highly successful business.
[Luna]: I wish to be randomly mailled lizards.
[Tai]: No lizards here, only dragons.
[Liona]: Well, just fill out this form, and you, too, can be mailed random lizards at random! When will you receive them? What will you receive? How many? Not even we know!
[Kenya]: *wants a bearded dragon*
[Liona]: All shipments overseen by random number generating robot.
[Luna]: :D
[Liona]: Random Lizard Care Pack appropriate to your particular randomly selected lizard available for a small extra fee.
[Dragoness Eclectic]: Google live lizards mail order. You can get mail-ordered lizards.
[Luna]: But they aren't /random/.
[Me]: But are they random mail-ordered lizards?
[Liona]: If randomly selected lizard is actually another reptile, you may return it to your local RMOLE Depot. Please resist flushing crocodiles or alligators down the toilet.
[Tai]: Don't flush the caimans, either.
[Liona]: If randomly selected lizard is actually a tarantula, you may request a full refund and a free complimentary lizard of your choice.
[Tai]: *snerk*
[Liona]: Okay, I'm done. XD;
[Liona]: >_> If lizard is actually of alien origin, we apologize for the inconvenience when men in black suits invade your property and confiscate your new pet.
What has made me happy today:

[Me]: Frenzy: *goes into Swindle's chest and has an EPIC ADVENTURE!*
[Luna]: WHOA
[Luna]: It would be like Neo in that room with all the weapons.
[Luna]: But with more crack.
[Me]: Frenzy: "-----I have died. And gone. To Heaven."
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 07:02 pm)
[Pux]: Iroh should totes adopt Tian.
[Bex]: He should!
[Bex]: Ozai: *niece!*
Iroh: *Ozai, honey, reconcile with Ursa and have more daughters.*
Ozai: *sulks*
[Pux]: *giggles*
[Pux]: "Ozai, you can't adopt every girl you find darling." "--I'm the Firelord."
[Bex]: *nibbles on her Ozai* I think he prefers daughters because the biggest influences on him growing up where Li, Lo, and Zolena.
[Pux]: *nods*
[Bex]: Or maybe he's just weird.
[Pux]: It is entirely possible that both are true.
[Bex]: He wants feminine girls, dammit, not a wussy son and a daughter who wants to be a son.
[Pux]: Song: "I'm not sure if I classify as feminine enough for him."
[Bex]: Ozai: "You're very female."
[Pux]: *grins*
[Bex]: Ozai: "But Azula... I love her, but she's just so... She seems to have decided to be as another son to me."
[Pux]: Song: "Perhaps she thinks you'd love her more as a son."
[Bex]: Ozai: "Why would she think that? She has seen how I treat my actual son."
[Pux]: Song: "--your son who wouldn't fight back, your son who was loved more by his mother?"
[Bex]: Ozai: "Yes."
[Pux]: which is Songspeak for "sissy mama's boy"
[Bex]: Ozai: *considers that* "... I could perhaps see where she might get her ideas from."
[Bex]: Ozai: *wants a son like Azula and a daughter like Zuko*
[Pux]: *fluffs him*
[Bex]: -- Wow, that would make a bizarre cross-dressing drama.
[Pux]: totally would.
[Pux]: "Azula is now my son, Zuko my daughter. Have fun, kids."
Wherein Reflector uses his awesome powers of lying and misdirection to mess with Foxfire's head.

I've got cat class and I've got cat style. )
Wherein the magic lightning from the night before turns out to have flipped Silverbolt's gender setting.

Dude looks like a lady )

And the ooc snippets of interest )
Or that time when Perceptor and I just seemed to gravitically suck in IC Autobots. ;-)

Electric Eye )

Amusing OOC )


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