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( May. 16th, 2009 06:15 pm)
I tried to write a post about this yesterday after I got home, but I didn't have the brains left to do much besides string sentences together in conversation and rant about badfic at anyone who held still long enough. Unfortunately for people like Tai and Liona.

I woke up at an ungodly hour, got dressed, and read in the car while Dad took me out to Baton Rouge for the ceremony. We arrived early for the main ceremony, I got a decent seat, and then regretted for the next two hours that I had given Dad my book and Puck was on the West Coast so I couldn't text her without waking her up.

The ceremony itself was rather nice, though I spent most of my time admiring the robes of the professors who'd graduated at institutions other than LSU. Very pretty. Most of the speeches were very boring, but I liked the alumni association president's speech. "Give 10% to your church, 10% to LSU, and the rest you can keep." "Don't worry about getting lost, because we will find you."

Talked to the girl sitting next to me some during the long wait for the ceremony to start. She's in the College of Agriculture, who weren't having their diploma ceremony until seven that night. Unfortunately, she had to be in a wedding that night, too, so she's came to the main ceremony in lieu of attending her college's diploma ceremony.

After the main ceremony, my feet were kind of hurting because I'd decided to wear high-heeled boots with my slacks and blouse. Trotted off to find my relatives, who took pictures of me. Then I was off to see Jason, my boss at the library one last time. Much hugging there, and fondness, and he gave me a cd. He is so much love. <333

Had some coffee with my mother before returning to the assembly center to line up with my college and department for my diploma ceremony. By then, my feet were seriously hurting, because I'd just walked halfway across campus and back in those heels.

Got signed in, then took my boots off until about half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start. Put them back in and went to stand with some friends for a while.

Big. Mistake.

On plus side, got to talk with friends. B is returning in fall to get a Masters in teaching. L is going to be looking for a job like me. T just went "don't ask me that" when asked what he was planning to do after graduation.

T: "Wait, or do you mean immediately after? Because immediately after..." *mimes taking a drink*
L: "We're all going to be doing that."

I kind of regret not joining any of the honor societies while I was at LSU. They got to wear some nice sashes over their robes. Do not regret not keeping my GPA high enough to graduate with Latin honors. 3.7 GPA is minimum for Latin honors at LSU, and I'd rather take classes where I'm willing to risk failing miserably. (Worst I ever got was a D in Spanish, but I've gotten multiple Cs.)

Yeah, sometimes I'm more into fashion than working hard. Give me things to decorate, and I'm happy.

Asked the Chair of the English Department why she had a poofy hat rather than a mortarboard. Seems that's just the style she bought it in. Her robes are another matter. One of her friends died, and she and her husband put the book he'd been working on together and got it published. So his parents gifted her with his doctoral robes.

Anyways, my group of friends wound up standing at the front of the line for our department, so when it came time to process out for the ceremony, well, we were at the front of the line. Suddenly the other girls did not want to be first. Which meant it fell to me. "Thanks a lot, guys!"

Processed out, found seat, had to stand for the next fifteen to twenty minutes of procession and opening remarks. I was thinking about suicide somewhere towards the end there, because being on my feet for almost an hour in those heels- Gaaaaaaaaaaah.

Then we got to sit for a while, and I was very, very happy. I was also sitting next to the Chair of the English Department. She had a crossword puzzle. She is a much smarter lady than I am.

Got my diploma, hit all the marks for the professional photographers to photograph me, returned to my seat. English, unfortunately, comes rather early in the College of Arts and Sciences, so I spent the next two hours texting Puck while everyone else got their diplomas.

College of Arts and Sciences graduated exactly one thousand people this semester.

One of the other professors sitting out there had a black cowboy hat instead of a mortarboard. Apparently he was also wearing the University of Texas colors.

Got my diploma at the end of the ceremony. By this time, my feet were very sore, and I was tired, and I was snapping at people. So I had to pose for more photographs. Then Dad took me home before I yelled at my other relatives any more.

This was a good thing. Also I got to take my boots off in the car and finish reading my book. Both were very soothing. So was the Oceanwater from Sonic. Mmmm, coconut-flavored Sprite.

After that, there was dinner out at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro and a slice of cheesecake as big as my head. Very nummy, but I was falling asleep by then so didn't provide much to the conversations.

Then I went home and curled up in a steaming hot bath to make my feet stop hurting.
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( May. 5th, 2009 05:29 pm)
Well, I am done with my very last written final. I think I actually did better on that one than on the final I actually studied for. My BS skills for English lit are much more finely honed, it seems.

I will be pulling my last shift in the library tomorrow, turning in my last final portfolio on Thursday, then packing up and leaving. Somewhere in all that free time I need to sell back my textbooks, return my PO box key, and finally get that tassel I need to go with my robes.

Current plans for doing anything:
- spend rest of week in daze and putter away at stories
- get "Tide and Time" back from my beta-reader to post
- get back to the Sunstreaker/Tracks fic that's rapidly approaching being a year old and six months overdue
- get back to "Dragon of the Moon" since I know what needs to happen in the current chapter, I just need to get Aang from Point A to Point B without gnawing someone's face off
1) I am graduating from university on May 15th. Panic-flail!

Before I do that, though, I have a lot of writing to do.
Today: Finish revision on "Three Can Keep a Secret"
By Wednesday: - Write third short story for reading aloud in short story class (because our prof thinks we should practice doing book-readings, which is kind of awesome)
- Write one-page paper on the Tao Te Ching
By Monday: - Be happy with my play revisions, have finished my journal because it's due at noon
By next Wednesday: - Finish short story revisions, put together editorial portfolio, write author commentary, be happy with everything because it's due at noon

2) [ profile] suzukiblu and I have been commenting up a storm across three different journal entries. This amuses me way too much. Also, you can blame her for my inner-Jet. (I mean, yeah, I had him before because if you're roleplaying stuff with Zuko in Ba Sing Se, you need him and his CAPSLOCK OF RAGE, but I never really did much with him before we started talking.)

3) Tell me I can't use Shinto as a model for a native Fire Nation religion. (You know the Fire royals trace their ancestry back to Agni.)(Is Agni the god of the sun or the god of fire? I don't precisely remember.)(Also, I need to find something to do with Yuriko and Nori, since they only get to do stuff in the Ozai-adopts-Yujiro timeline, which is even further off from the main timeline than usual for Pux and me.)

4) I need to try to finish reading "Humphrey Clinker" and find good cliff notes on "Moll Flanders" for that final. Argh.

5) Need to find a good shot of Ozai's Firelord portrait. Like how Zuko spends a lot of time staring at Sozin's portrait in "The Avatar and the Firelord".

6) Watched "Transwarped" last night. Scott got squeed at a lot. Spoilers )

7) I want to do something with my Elita One (from "Conduct Unbecoming") and Nightbeat now. One is an exiled old Autobot soldier, one is a new-Allsparked noir detective - together, they fight crime.
The e-mail box I use for school assignment has gone down hard. I haven't been able to access it for two days without getting "Connection Dropped by IMAP server" errors that refuse to clear up.

I'm giving it until this evening to get itself on track again. If it doesn't, I need to e-mail my creative writing professor that I can't get at anything for class tomorrow.

Argh, argh, argh.
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 07:13 pm)
(Zhao/Torao is also OTP, but Puck and I are the only people who care about Torao.)

While it's good to be back in the groove with my three-hour short story seminar, I pretty much spent the class plotting out and timelining my Long Feng/Zhao story series. Never mind that Zhao is spoiler ) by the time we meet Long Feng. This series is totally set during the canon time-period when the Gaang is running around Ba Sing Se.

So, yeah. New writing project.

Things I am trying to write right now:
- fifteen page, one-act play (for class)
- psychological-exploration short story (for class)
- Blitzwing/Catechism stickyfic (for [ profile] dosomethinscary) (laaaaaate)
- Sunstreaker/Tracks romance (for [ profile] livelongnmarry) (laaaaate)

Me being me, of course, I get distracted from what I 'ought' to be writing to work on something else entirely. Like Hak Foo. Or Long Feng/Zhao. (Or trying to work out how to get me some Iroh'n'Barbossa that makes sense in both universes.)
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( Feb. 25th, 2009 09:44 pm)
I am weirdly "meh" about life, the universe, and everything right now. I have a hard time actually getting up in the morning, a hard time getting the energy to work on project, and a hard time forcing myself to do the schoolwork I need to do for my classes.

Apparently I am just going to wing my classes tomorrow.

I hate about half my classes. I don't want to write plays, and I don't care about 17th-century literature. The professors both have a nasty habit of mumbling, and one of them gives shit-poor directions on what he actually wants you to do for an assignment.

I wish I could drop these classes, but this is my last semester so I just need to tough it out. Without going insane and curling up in my bed for the rest of forever.

I don't want to graduate, I don't want to deal with getting a job, I don't want to be an adult. But I don't want to stay in school and deal with classes anymore, I want to be settled in one place, I want to stop dreading the future.
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( Feb. 10th, 2009 02:38 pm)
I am driving my play-writing professor crazy, because I have no ideas for the play due Thursday. Apparently 'fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' style of planning makes him deeply unhappy.

Me: "I've been trying to get up to speed on the format-"
Him: "Forget about the format!"

Well, no, I can't do that. This is not short-story writing. This is not movie-writing. This is not comic-book writing. If I can't wrap my head around the format, I can't come up with ideas for it.
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 05:19 pm)
Hmm. I think I have reached the state where actually studying for my Decorative Arts midterm is low on my list of priorities and I'm okay with this. Hopefully, I can maintain the sense of being okay with this until after the exam.

Or, you know, I could study. I'll probably do that in an hour or so. When the painkillers kick in, and I'm not babbling about de Vaca and Rowlandson's captivity narratives.
Well, I am back at school and just took my first round of classes. Also dropped my first class in a semester or two. (I'm sorry, giving the depressive a reading list that consists of realistic dark, depressing fiction where the professor feels the need to jokingly comment on the first three major novels inspiring wrist-slitting... Yeah. I think I'll take a senior-level Art History course with two girls from work instead.)

I am slowly reacclimatizing myself to my dorm and probably ought to take down the December calendar I still have up. However, my 2008 calendar is still out in the car, and I don't feel like walking out to go get it yet.

Mildly sick at the moment, but I'm doing better than I have been for the last week or so.

I'm going to have to do something about my library work schedule, as somehow my six hours this semester got chopped down to three-and-a-half. I'm skeptical of that being worth working, as well as my other job, as well as my full-time schoolwork.

Speaking of which, examination of my syllabi strongly suggests I won't be going to Botcon this year. Not when I have a Spanish exam worth a quarter of my grade on Botcon Friday.

God, I will be so glad when I'm done with the Spanish sequence.

(Also, Luna: 38-24, LSU.)
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( May. 12th, 2007 02:18 pm)
Well, all the contents of my dorm that weren't provided by the university are now packed into my car. I've turned in my room key, and I now officially no longer live at Evangeline Hall.

I managed to get something to eat, by which I mean an apple danish and an Italian cream soda. My stomach feels like it's filled with sludge.

I have my last final in thirty minutes, then I can drive straight home and crash. If Team People isn't on tonight, I'll probably go commit mayhem in Thidranki or Molvik. I really, really need to commit some mayhem.
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( May. 3rd, 2007 10:54 am)
- Daring Blitzwing (gen)
- Daring Breakdown (gen)
- Playing With Kids Blitzwing (gen)

Dropped my Seven Deadly Sins - Skyfire claim, since I realized that while I sometimes like reading Skyfire fic, I have no interest at all in writing Skyfire.

Got to revise the first act of my screenplay for midnight Tuesday. Not bad, and I finally figured out where I wanted to actually go with this.
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( Apr. 18th, 2007 01:29 pm)
Things I need to accomplish this week:
- Spanish quiz tomorrow on weather and festivals
- Philosophy exam on Friday about ethics
- Must finish 10 more journals for my Screenwriting class by midnight Saturday, as well as expand all of my current journals to fit a full page

Things to accomplish next week that I know of:
- Group assignment for English class on some poetry
- Study for Spanish oral exam
- Submit first act of screenplay so classmates can read it

Things to accomplish the week after that that I know of:
- Take Spanish oral exam
- Sit through critique of first act
- Another philosophy exam

I think the week after that is dead week, in which I get to flop and prepare for finals.
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( Apr. 9th, 2007 06:30 pm)
If there's one thing I absolutely loathe about LSU, it's trying to schedule classes.

It's nice, in it's own way, to be able to pick out what classes I want to take. But the number of students trying to schedule vs. the number of classes being offered usually means that the farther you are from graduation, the less chance you have of actually getting into those classes that you need to take.

Classes I planned to take next fall:
- (1) biology lab
- (2) 3000-level English literature courses
- (1) intro to sociology
- (1) something else that I could find the interest to take and fit into my schedule

Never did figure what that fifth class was going to be before I managed to find an open window on the network and actually, y'know, schedule those classes.

Reality, of course, made my plans more moot than not.

Classes I'm actually taking next fall:
- (1) 2000-level Spanish course
- (1) 3000-level English literature course
- (1) 4000-level English writing course
- (1) 4000-level history course
- (1) intro to sociology

Oh, well, hopefully it will be interesting and not kill my pocketbook too much. Bleh, textbooks.
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( Mar. 21st, 2007 06:04 pm)
So, LSU puts out an undergraduate literary journal called delta. Since apparently the whole staff just graduated this last year, they have six weeks to get some volunteers together and put out a new journal for 2007.

I agreed to read Fiction submissions and be one of the people providing input as to which stories should go into the journal. *beams*

Things should be more organized next year, and I plan to stay on as at least a reader, maybe an editor, next year and the year after.

I am just pleased as punch to get involved in this. After writing itself as a career, I'd really like to go into editting. This kind of experience should be very useful to me, as it'll give me a way better idea of what I'm getting into than beta-reading does.

Other good things today: Found a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic that I thought I'd lost track of in September. And the light in my room got fixed! I can see in the dark now!
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 03:35 pm)
Today has been a surprisingly happy day for all of everything. I attended all of my classes, I'm doing all of my hours at work. I took my Philosophy test and think I did quite well on it. I've got four hours tonight in which to study Spanish for the composition I need to write on Friday.

On the way back to the quad from lunch, one of the church groups at Free Speech Alley was handing out carnations with cards for their church. It was happily startling to have someone pass me a red carnation, seemingly for no reason. Really made me smile.

I'm currently using the carnation for a bookmark, as I have not been able to get back to my dorm yet and won't until ten tonight. I agreed to take an extra hour to cover Abe's shift tonight. Makes me a bit sad that he won't be here, since he's nice to sit with. He's just as quiet as I am.

To whoever anonymously sent me the virtual rose and it's note: Thank you! I really appreciate the quote you chose - after last night's angst, it was very good to hear.
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 12:34 pm)
Consulting my syllabi, I find that not only do I have an English paper due next Tuesday and a Spanish composition to write on Friday, I also have another Philosophy test on Wednesday.

To continue on this line of busy-making, I fully expect Screenwriting to throw something at me that I will need to take care of next week, too.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2007 10:05 pm)
Things I did this week:
- Completed the first draft of a Hookfic (it's almost 4000 words! zomg, Hook!)
- Completed my mecha_e entry for January's challenge
- Caught up with all of the schoolwork I missed last week due to being sick
- Wrote three [ profile] 31_days ficlets for this month, planned two more
- Plotted out more of the screenplay for my Intro to Screenwriting class
- Reposted two old Stunti-fanworks to [ profile] fanfic100.

I am creatively tuckered out right now, so I am going to shower and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Tomorrow shall be spent trying to get a few of the drafts sitting around in my folder completed.
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( Jan. 30th, 2007 01:10 pm)
I set my clock for 7:30 so that I have an hour or so of cushion-time before I really oh truly need to get up for class.

Today, I turned my alarm off and went back to bed until about twenty minutes before my class started. It took me several moments of staring at the time for that to really register with me. Then I looked out the window, guessed at what the weather would be like, and burrowed back under my covers.

Ten minutes later, the fire alarm went off.

Apparently God wanted me to get up after all.

Now it would have taken direct divine intervention at that point to actually make me go to class, since I'd already negotiated with myself for more sleepy-time. So Beachy1 and I spent an enjoyable hour at the library instead.

1. Beachcomber is my bright blue iPod Nano, and he is small and lovely. And no, M-chan, his bright pink carrying case is not named Elita One.
Woke up this morning, and my throat no longer felt like it had known the intimate carresses of a piece of barbed wire. On the other hand, my head was full of snot.

You win some, you lose some. I'm pretty sure this means I don't have strep, so I'll continue with sucking on zinc lozenges every few hours.

In the spirit of getting out and doing things this semester, I signed up for a bellydancing leisure class. It'll be running every Monday night during February and March. (Of course, foolish me, I grabbed the class that was during one of my shifts at the library. Looks like I'll have to ask my boss for some time off. Shouldn't be too hard, though, since I covered someone else's shifts last semester while they did an internship on a movie production.)

Bellydancing! Dancing at all, at all!

I am so going for tango next semester.

Wish they'd had a pottery leisure class available, but they didn't, and I didn't feel like signing up for any of their other crafty leisure classes. Might check out tapestry-weaving if it's still available next semester, though.
I had my doubts about this semester from the start; for one thing, I'm finally taking the Spanish class that I need to take in order to graduate. Spanish hasn't exactly been unfriendly to me, but it's been about two and a half years since I last studied the language at all. It did not help my worry at all when the Spanish professor announced that she would teach most of the class in Spanish. Makes sense, I suppose, but it made me go "ai-yi-yi!".

Well, today was the second day of Spanish class, and I'm starting to remember way more Spanish than I expected to. Her talking in Spanish all the time is jogging my memory, and the rest I'm putting together from context. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty where I just smile and nod at her, and I still dread the oral tests in the class. But I don't think this will kick my ass quite as much as I thought it would.

Philosophy also worried me a lot, since the syllabus he sent us to begin with really got my hackles up and made me feel like I wouldn't enjoy the teacher at all. The first day of class, however, proves that I was wrong in thinking that and right in giving the class a chance. It's going to be a difficult class with a lot of reading, but I should be able to manage it.

British Literature I (Dark Ages through the early half of the eighteenth century) has quite an interesting professor, though I wish he would speak up more. I've got high hopes for this class and the next one in the line, if only because I'm a mad, mad little girl who loves to read and sample different writing styles. But, mmm, a chance to see all kinds of stories that I never would have looked for on my own.

Reminds me, I need to go back to Project Gutenberg and finish reading "The Wendigo" by Algernon Blackwood. Maybe check out some of his other stories if "The Wendigo" is good. Mmmm, early American horror.

Last and so far from least it's not even funny, I'm taking an Introduction to Screenplay Writing. I really like the professor, just like I really liked my professor from Introduction to Writing Short Stories. He's very awesome, and he laid out exactly what work he expects us to do this semester - we'll be focussing on writing screenplays for movies rather than for plays, which suits me a lot better. Hopefully, he'll let me do something with giant robots, since that's about what I've got in my head right now.

I'm working from six to nine tonight, so I'll do my Spanish homework and my Philosophy reading then. Right now, I'm going to toddle off to read my syllabus for Screenwriting. Ciao!


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