- My Little Pony: A Real American Stallion

- BattleNASCAR Galactica: [Luna]: "In a stunning twist, it turns out Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has been replaced with a Cylon duplicate."

- Maximum Security Hospital - [Luna]: a hospital and prison in one, where you have hot doctors making out with hot cops all the time.

- Law and Order: CSI - "In the criminal justice system, the smallest details of a crime scene can solve a case. In New York City, each crime scene is investigated by the Crime Scene Investigations unit. These are their stories."

- Battle Politicians: Anime. [Luna]: The heroes go to a politician who believes them, is actually helpful, and then grabs a shotgun to go hunt bad guys... and then we get ridiculous SSJ senators in S2. :v

"Oh no, his Blade of Gerrymandering is unbeatable! Our only hope is to counter with a filibuster!"

- Darth Harry: Movie. Star Wars spin-off.

[Luna]: World does not need a maverick Sith Lord cop.

- David Kaye Live: [DE] Talk show with David Kaye using his BW Megatron voice. He interviews political figures. Possibly he mocks them, too.

[Sam]: "And what are your views on tax reform, yeeeess?"
Proof that Transformers: Deadzone is taking over my head.


1. "Bad Reputation", Joan Jett
2. "You're So Vain", Carly Simon
3. "Running Wild", Judas Priest
4. "Speed Parade", Slash's Snakepit
5. "I Fought the Law", Sex Pistols
6. "Wheels of Fire", Judas Priest
7. "Battle Without Honour or Humanity", Tomoyasu Hotei
This is a dystopian alternate future for the Transformers RPG Deadzone. The central premise of Deadzone is that Transformers from all major continuities are getting ganked to this strangely Transformer-less universe. They are banding together, as is their wont, to beat up the Transformers wearing the wrong symbol, as is also their wont.

How we get from where the game is currently (Earth) to where it is in my timeline (Days of Future Past) is largely speculation based on what we already know about the universe and arbitrary hand-waving.

Days of Future Deadzone

Unicron won. )
Can't manage NaNoing tonight, so I'm dorking around with my Days of Future Past DZ AU. Angstpocalypse!


Needlenose eyed the circuit laid out in front of him critically. The pattern of its teal leads against the pink semiconductor irritated him. It was ugly, jarring and tangled, almost impossible to set up for a fabber to produce. He couldn't achieve the visual effect he wanted without sacrificing its functionality, and he couldn't make it mass-producible without sacrificing both functionality and aesthetics.

Sure, he could make up for the loss of efficiency by splitting everything across five or six circuits. But they still wouldn't be mass-producible, and they definitely wouldn't be chic.

Besides, Perceptor made fun of him for how many of his Spinister-chips he already had installed.

If he stopped insisting on the colors, he could rearrange the leads to achieve functionality and mass-producibility.

"I like the colors," Needlenose muttered, antennae flicking back.

Putting so many of Spinister's sensor-baffles in one circuit was difficult enough without frivolous patterns and colors.

"If I wanted something completely utilitarian," he snapped, "I'd go to Shockwave."

In another room, he heard and felt Hairsplitter sigh and Sunbeam say, "Dude, you're arguing with Spinister again."

So he was. For years after Spinister's death, he hadn't understood why he couldn't get over the helicopter. He'd had thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of lovers throughout his life. Some of them he'd even cared for as much as he had Spinister, and they'd faded from importance inside a year. But Spinister stayed in his head.

Or, rather, Spinister stayed in Singe and Hairsplitter's heads.
So, I am not really convinced of my ability to play jerks. Help?
a.k.a. "what's been holding my sanity together for the last few weeks"

Deadzone Decepticon Medical/Science/Engineering: half a dozen-odd people you really don't want working on you.

Many thanks to our Tarantulas player for suggesting the idea to me, and to the other Deadzone players for helping me out when I got stuck on a lyric.

he can have favorites by ~Sunfreak on deviantART

but never play them by ~Sunfreak on deviantART

Artist Commentary

@antagonistes: Honestly I can't BELIEVE how well it's come out so far, my "of course I can draw robots!" was total bullshit. >>;;
@antagonistes: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. \o/ Seriously, being broke drives me to draw SO many things I never would otherwise. *see: robots, porn*
@antagonistes: . . . not in the sense of "robot porn". D:
@beckyh2112: You could probably draw that too!
@antagonistes: Really, the question is what WON'T I draw for money.

[Rin]: everyone loves soon <3
[Rin]: everyone does NOT love Emirate Xaaron
[Rin]: >:(
[Me]: I will gets to play Pee-Dee with Xaaron again! They will get -- too much shiny? -- to talk TF religion. <3
[Rin]: I am sure that will be awesome! <3
[Rin]: because you won't have to color him THREE COLORS
[Rin]: oh god why couldn't Marvel have put on some flames and shit or something X:
[Rin]: I feel so BAD FOR HIM
[Rin]: I drew them both, showed them to my brother, and he just gave me this LOOK
[Rin]: and went "Pee-Dee looks so much better than him"
[Me]: Oh god, let me find you scans of Flame.
[Rin]: and I cried
[Rin]: Flame?
[Me]: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:Flame-Meltdown.jpg -- Flame! He's an Autobot mad scientist who hates Xaaron. Haaaaaaates.
[Rin]: see, now, HIM I could've drawn waltzing with Pee-Dee without feeling bad for him
[Rin]: Xaaron you need a repaint
[Me]: *giggles*
[Rin]: also some extra hoses and things
[Rin]: maybe like a gun turret or something
[Rin]: at least something NOT A RIGHT ANGLE?
It is extremely doubtful I would ever submit this, but I'm interested in feedback anyway.

App behind the cut )
beckyh2112: (Default)
( Jun. 24th, 2011 10:36 am)
For a Junkion, Pee-Dee wakes up in Repair a lot.

Of course, if she were an Autobot, she'd be waking up in the morgue.
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( Apr. 24th, 2011 09:14 pm)
Five slots, two requests per person. They cannot be Avatar: the Last Airbender-related. You are much more likely to get something, mind, if it's actually in a fandom I've written for or have gleed over.

If I filled a request for you on the Ozai AUs meme and you haven't replied, don't request here.

Meme is CLOSED.

Another trailer for Deadzone. I do love that game, even if I don't play anymore.

This one was fun to make, because I got to try some new things with structure and music. Am quite pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, yeah, I did a trailer for Transformers: Deadzone.
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( May. 31st, 2010 01:21 am)
Pee-Dee is ranting drunkenly in my head about how the Devourist sects don't have it down right, they don't really believe, and they're doing it all wrong. How she'd show them how it was really done, get it all in their heads and lives so they couldn't think, couldn't act in any way but their religion. It'd be written in their genes and their culture all the way to the core.

She is kind of scary right now. Please do not let her found any churches.
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( Sep. 30th, 2009 06:29 pm)
So here is a list and links to all the different pieces of writing I did for this meme, as well as who I wrote them for. This so you don't have to wade through all the comments.

Word of advice, but if I've written you something, and you haven't responded to at least one of the things I've written you by Monday, I'm not taking requests from you again.

Transformers: Animated )

Transformers: Deadzone )

Crossover )

Avatar: the Last Airbender )

Avatar AUs )
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 10:50 am)
Meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] penknife.

1. comment with any character you know I've written.
2. receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!
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( Jul. 31st, 2009 12:53 pm)
* Write 1000+ words of as-yet untitled YA horror story.

* Catch up on Deadzone. All the way up, which means finishing reading all those threads on Gillanan III. Make posts with everyone who is up somewhere. Don't enter into new threads just yet, because except for one that's been planned for a while, I am really not up for doing that kind of thing still.

* Go to the grocery store and get the cooking ingredients. Cook dinner for tonight. Possibly have a meltdown when this goes badly. Possibly eat tasty food.

* Finish the last render for my Autoshoujo contest entry so I can put the silly thing together.

* Write today's Jeongdao fic. I've got an opening, but I kind of need to go from there to an ending without taking a dive into melodramatic hurt/comfort sap.

* Finish reading Julie and Julia. I am in the final stretch, and I'm adoring this book. I can totally finish it today.

* Destroy the world. No, wait. Avoid destroying the world.
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( Jul. 20th, 2009 08:28 pm)
It is time to balance my meme karma, since I've been abusing both [livejournal.com profile] suzukiblu and [livejournal.com profile] banditjoeykuba's awesomeness lately.

So I will be writing anything Avatar, Transformers: Deadzone, or Transformers: Animated in the comments. Including any AU I've babbled at you about. Or any AU you can think of. Or anything involving my OCs. (I will only write other people's OCs with their permission, so you'll have to get their permission first and have them communicate it to me.)

- Three requests per person, unless I tell you you can ask for more
- If you ask for "So-and-so is awesome", I am putting my iPod on shuffle and writing to whatever song comes up first

Meme is closed.
[Luna]: ...and there is still that 'All room-mates will be challenged to a duel' sign on Scourge's door. That Motormaster can't read. Built-in epic brawl!
[Me]: *laughs!* Oh man. Yes, we totally have to do that
[Luna]: "Didn't you read the sign on the door?" Pause, facepalms. "Wait. You're blind. I will.... go put up the sign again. In Braille."
[Me]: "... Braille?"
[Luna]: "...it's this writing that blind people can read. Raised dots. Very politically correct."
[Me]: "Uh. I guess I'll... download that."
[Luna]: "...you haven't been to Earth?" *Scourge want to cry. Or kill something.*
[Me]: "No, can't say I have."
[Luna]: "Excuse me. Need to go kill something. Back in a moment."
[Me]: "Right-o. I'll just put my lack of things on an unoccupied berth."
[Luna]: *From the hall.* "Actually, put them on Duskwing's berth."


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