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( Dec. 16th, 2011 01:14 pm)
Did Not Finish

This book has:
- a Decepticon double-agent on board the Ark
- a visit to Velocitron spoilers )
- a visit to Junk
- I'm told there are pirates later on

Despite all of this, I was near bored to tears by the book because I didn't care about any of the characters.
That is totally not what I'd call it, by the way.

I was whining at Pepper about the lack of certain scenes in G1 that would make vidding easier. She patted me on the back. "And here we are without an animation studio."

"If I had an animation studio. I would be doing Spinister/Needlenose make-outs. And Nightbeat. Solving mysteries and making out with dames."

The way I'm visualizing this, Nightbeat is our hero and main character. Muzzle is a secondary character, since he's also Nightbeat's head under most circumstances. Red Alert might guest-star. Pee-Dee would guest-star at least once. Elita One and her ladies would guest-star at least once. Firestar maybe more than once.

Spinister and Needlenose are the local Decepticon cops. They are, as it were, the Man. They mostly police Decepticons, but they're not averse to putting nosy noir detectives in the morgue. Very rarely, like in season finales or two-parters, they might have to work with Nightbeat.

But most of the time, you've got Nightbeat solving cases and trying to avoid the two Mayhems. You've got Spinister terrifying the local Decepticons. You've got Needlenose being fabulous. You've got the Nebulans trying not to be involved when their robots want to do things like make-out.

This is difficult for Muzzle, but if I can't have headless make-outs, what is the point of having a Headmaster for the hero?
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( Oct. 28th, 2011 08:48 am)
Okay, why have they deified Alpha Trion, but reduced Emirate Xaaron to space DA?
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( Oct. 13th, 2011 10:13 pm)
[Luna]: Oh lame. Solus Prime was the first of the Thirteen [First-Forged Transformers] to die?
[Jess]: ...
[Jess]: *opens mouth.*
[Jess]: *closes mouth.*
[Jess]: *silently fumes.*
[Tai]: Well, of course. Girl.
[Luna]: And of course the girl represents the aspect of creation.
[Jess]: One female. One female in the whole group of them. And she is the first to get killed?
[Liona]: And by 'die' you mean 'murdered by a jealous The Fallen'. :|
[Jess]: Hello, refrigerator!
[Luna]: Yes.
[Tai]: Of course.
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( Sep. 30th, 2011 05:53 pm)
This is a really good piece of Optimus/Megatron slash. It's not really a good piece of military science fiction. (There was one point where I was thinking, "wow, I'd rather be reading a David Weber technical explanation than this".)

The sequel is coming out Tuesday. I will likely pick it up, because I am promised action on the lost Cybertronian colonies.

Bullet points!

- The Aligned continuity seems to be a synthesis of as many previous incarnations of Transformers as it can manage.
-- G1 cartoon (Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion, Omega Supreme being the guardian of Crystal City)
-- Marvel comics (lots and lots, mostly in place names)
-- Dreamwave (Orion Pax being a data clerk, Ultra Magnus being a Wrecker)
-- Armada (minicons - whatever those are in Aligned, the book isn't too clear)
-- Animated (Ultra Magnus with his lightning/EMP hammer)
-- Bayverse (what happened at Tyger Pax)

- For a story about Transformers, there is very little about their alt-modes. These really should be used more in Transformers fiction, because they are a fundamental part of any given character. Here, we've got almost no idea what anyone turns into. Heck, we barely know what they look like in robot-mode; Irvine seems to be allergic to describing his characters.

- The info-dumps in the first handful of chapters are really annoying.

- The author sometimes seems to forget who his minor characters are. (ex. Halogen - we are initially told few Cybertronians believed anything he said because they figured it was part of a plot to annex the Hydrax Plateau, like he's been trying to do for aeons. Then when we go visit the Council, he's the respected speaker for the Council.)

- I do like the use of different minor characters' points of view to show events where the big four aren't. Even if we do sadly either have them die or have them never show up again.

- Die, Alpha Trion, die. Also, not too fond of the Covenant of Primus being a book of fate type of artifact.

- The Dark Energon plotline was not compelling. After the politics and rebellion in the first half of the book, this was disappointing. By contrast, the exodus plotline was quite compelling.

So, for those keeping track at home, it was: Good stuff, BORING, good stuff.

- Alex really seems like he needs an editor keeping track of things for him. Way back before Orion Pax became Prime, we have Soundwave overhearing a discussion of awakening Omega Supreme, the guardian of Crystal City. Then he doesn't show up until chapters and chapters later, and he's in Iacon for no explicable reason. We have a reference to Starscream having been a scientist once, then later on it's said he's not a scientist. There's a bit where Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide, and Sideswipe are mentioned as a "team of four" going off to do something, then suddenly Bumblebee pops up halfway through the sequence and they act like he's been there the whole time.

- Okay, we're thousands, possibly millions of years, into the war. Why is the narration still referring to Megatron's ground troops as "gladiators"? They haven't been that for a long, long time.

Also, what is with referring to various nameless Decepticons as "it"?

- So I'm not sure if the Underworld denizens are mutants or what. They're definitely not demons, since Optimus references them as being Transformers not sworn to Megatron but also not caring about the surface. On the other hand, when he's fighting some guards in a place described as having Underworld influences, the guards are not really described any different from normal Transformers. So, what? Cybertron has an Underdark?

- Did we seriously need to capitalize Corruption Spikes?

- What is up with Jetfire and the Aerialbots? Okay, the Aerialbots are Seekers loyal to the Autobot cause. Jetfire is the only defector Seeker. Where did the Aerialbots come from? I was pretty sure it was mentioned the Vos-Tarn exchange caused a number of Seekers to join the Autobot cause, which suggests there should be more defectors than Jetfire.

It's a problematic book, it really is. The slash, though....

"We will always be brothers. We are bound together," Megatron said. "You cannot escape me, brother. I will hound you across the stars if I must, until every star in the galaxy has burned itself into a cinder. I will hunt you, and I will find you, and when I find you-"

It practically writes itself.
I am trying to find a copy of the Official TF Collectors Club magazine issue #34, because I am a crazy little Combaticon fanthing and I want to read the whole thing they've been doing with them for the past two years.

Barring the issue itself, I'd gladly take scans of the comic pages and any character profiles in that issue.

Also, I need Combaticon icons. (I need many icons. Like an Aerialbot one that is not the MotoBolt one.)
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( Oct. 30th, 2009 10:03 pm)
I am nothing if not open to peer pressure. At least as long as it's telling me to do something I already wanted to do anyway.

Stealing a mini-meme idea from the lovely [ profile] suzukiblu: AU mini-meme! Pick a character or characters, an accompanying mood or lyric, and an alternate setting/genre, and I'll scribble you something. Pharoahs, Green Lanterns, high school, geisha, seriously, anything!

Feel free to pick any of my previously-written AUs, as well, except for Lightning at Sea.

One request per person (unless you're a listed exception). Avatar-only (unless you're a listed exception).

Exceptions: - Can ask for Transformers: [ profile] ravynfyre, [ profile] sapphirebreeze, [ profile] heatherbeast
- Can ask for Codex Alera: [ profile] bookblather
- Can ask for anything: [ profile] dunmurderin, [ profile] lunatron
- Have three slots: [ profile] spyridona, [ profile] dunmurderin, [ profile] lunatron, [ profile] ravynfyre, [ profile] suzukiblu, [ profile] dark_puck, [ profile] neldluva
- Can poke me about that fic I owe her: [ profile] raikomotomiya

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( Sep. 17th, 2009 04:36 pm)
I have way too much clutter in my life. As part of a way to get rid of that clutter, I'm selling off various never-opened Transformers toys I don't want anymore. Boxes may not be in mint condition, but they've never been opened and the toys have never been played with. If you want me to, I can check on box-condition for individual queries.

Prices are completely arbitrary. I am open to bargaining or trades, though I would prefer not trading for things that result in more clutter in my house. Unless they're for toys I really want, and I suggest you check my 101 in 1001 list for the handful of toys I really want.

Cut )
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( Nov. 5th, 2008 12:34 pm)
Hey, Kinrazza,

Did the Cybertronian's meta section ever announce that FF.Net now has a Movies > Transformers section as well as a Cartoons > Transformers section?
I always seem to wind up writing these things the morning after.

6) I am slowly but surely getting this Transformers fic to the point where Motormaster tackles Silverbolt and they snog. Once I finally get that going on, it's a downhill slide to the finish, because I know exactly what happens and have had the visuals in my head for weeks now.

5) Watched Bones. Dr. Brennan was slightly more socially awkward than usual, Hodgins and Angela are absolutely adorable together, and the crime was interestingly creepy. Also, ignoring the points up to where our criminal was trying out the insanity defense/the ghost got involved, it was fairly believable to me that he would lose his temper with the victim when the victim started deliberately terrifying the girl who was already on a bad, bad PCP trip.

4) I added the Howdunit writer's guide books to my Amazon wishlist. There is a book on wounds and injuries! And a book on PIs! Eeeeeee! *flails happily*

3) Roleplaying 2K5 Pee-Dee and Nightbeat with Luna. Not, like, actually on 2K5, but using 2K5 backgrounds for them in some chat-RP. Drunken Nightbeat's life is made infinitely more amusing by the Junkion dame on walkabout. (Amusing to me, anyway. ^_^)

2) Watched more Avatar last night. We've only got the "Siege of the North" two-parter left in Season One. Admiral Butthead and Prince Crankypants remain awesome. Uncle Iroh, of course, is smarter than everyone else on the show. Sokka roxxors my boxxors. Spoilers )

1) Staying up until an ungodly hour of the morning roleplaying Avatar OCs with Puck. Liang is so cute and awesome, and Torao is just plain awesome. Of course, I am horribly biased, but the two of them are such fun together.
Since I just woke up, and thus have no good things about today yet. (No, sleeping till almost noon is not a good thing in this case, since I've been trying to get up at nine.)

5. Two of my Transformer t-shirts that have been in Limbo for most of the summer finally got washed. Now they are wearable and clean. One's a sweet little black-and-grey Megatron and Optimus profile shirt, while the other is a rather dark "Me Grimlock Kick Butt" shirt.

4. I bought more Robot Heroes! Teeny, super-deformed Transformers are excellent. Teeny Blitzwing. Bliiiiiiiitzwiiiiiing!

3. Instead of throwing a complete and total temper fit over something, I managed to walk away while my passion was high. Then when it died down to manageable levels, I managed to articulately explain to several people why I was unhappy.

2. We watched two more episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, season 1. (Spoil me in the comments, and I will ban your ass.)

Spoilers for what I've seen so far )

1. Having watched two more episodes of Avatar, I could read two more chapters of Dark Puck's "Soldier Boy" without being spoiled. Yay! Now to get caught up to the point where I can read some more of "Small Flame".
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( Jul. 23rd, 2008 11:08 pm)
Classics Wildrider

A Japanese convention exclusive - Chara Hobby Show on Aug. 30, to be specific.

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( Jul. 10th, 2008 06:18 pm)
Frostbite is a Firebird, right? /needs memory jogged

If so, I saw her and Elita's baby girl on the way home from work. Pretty little frosted pink Firebird out for a drive.

ETA: Now with added comment-fic!
You know, when you get right down to it the Shattered Glass universe is almost... silly compared to the Transformers: Mirrorverse the fans invented.

There are a lot of good meta reasons for this. Number one being that Hasbro is in this business to make money, and part of that does come from the relative child-friendliness of Transformers. Even when we get to see Megatron flicking humans away ('07 Movie), we don't get to see a lot of the bodies. We get property destruction. And property destruction is pretty bad, but you'll notice that the Movie didn't say anything about how many people must have died during the Mission City battle.

In the cartoons, of course, humans never get killed. Transformers might, but it's usually played wonderfully tragic (Beast Wars, the animated movie), mostly ignored (Beast Wars and the animated movie again, different characters), or we have a resurrection in the not-too distant future (Optimus Prime, most incarnations). Again, the cartoons usually are quite fond of the property destruction, but heck, it took until Transformers: Animated for the Transformers to even be held accountable for their property destruction.

The comics are a different matter, but even when we're slaughtering Transformers wholesale (Underbase) or someone is cluster-bombing Earth (G2), there's never quite the same urgency or gut-churning horror and helplessness that some pieces of fanfiction can show so well. Charles RB's This is BBC1 gives a much better idea of what kind of damage the Transformers can do to the world than the comics/cartoons ever have.

Which, given the nature of the media, makes sense. Transformers is not a horror genre. It's science-fantasy and action-adventure. We can't really expect it to give us realistic results of what it displays.

But that does hamstring the officially-licensed Mirrorverse-equivalent... )
The other night, I recced one of Koi's Red Alert pieces to someone as a good grip of his character. I was shocked when she said she'd never heard of Koi before.

It occurred to me that there are a number of older fanfiction works out there that are hard to get a hold of if you don't already know they exist. So I thought I would share some of the good older works by more difficult to find authors that I've enjoyed over the year. It'll be a fairly short series, probably only four posts including this one.

I have not read any of Koi's works written after early May 2007, so am not capable of reccing those here. If so inclined, I encourage people to share other works by Koi that they have enjoyed in the comments of this post.

Fanfiction by Koi Lungfish )
You know, the constant bashing of Megatron is getting kind of annoying. Ohnoes, everyone thinks he's a horrible leader who has lost sight of the Decepticon cause. Ohnoes, he's so terribly incompetent and possibly insane. Ohnoes, he has a small dick.

No, I am not kidding about the last one. It was brought up in the fic.

I'll ignore the thing about his dick-size, because dude. Giant robot. He can get an upgrade if he really wants a bigger one.

1) Megatron has lost sight of the Decepticon cause.

As this fanfic seems to be set in the G1 cartoon, there may actually be a Decepticon cause outside of what Megatron has made it today. After all, there were some guys who fought the Second Great War against the Autobots. Of course, we have no idea what they were all about, anyway, since the primary point of that episode ("Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2"; thanks, [ profile] invisiblemoose!) was to show that the Transformers fought a lot in their back-history. Yay, Autobot propaganda films!

Be that as it may, the War that's lasted for the past nine million years? Megatron has been the supreme leader of the Decepticons. He formed the Decepticons, shaped them, led them out against the Autobots... Everything they currently are, the entire War that currently exists is because of him.

Megatron may have changed the rhetoric and the focus of the Decepticon cause in the last nine million years (I don't think the Cult of Megatron bits were originally included), but the Decepticon cause of this last War has pretty much always been what he defined it as.

Want him to go back to his roots? Fine. Thinking he hasn't improved with age? Fine.

But you have to accept, when you get right down to it, the Decepticon cause is Megatron.

2) Megatron is incompetent.

While I do think it takes a special brand of incompetence for a war to last nine million years, I don't think it's the type that's being used in this fic.

Anyways. Megatron has successfully run the Decepticons for the last nine million years. Despite, a) Starscream, b) the Autobots, c) Astrotrain and Blitzwing, and d) other's best efforts to the contrary.

Oddly enough, the way this fic phrases things, I get the impression that the incompetence on Megatron's part is something new. Which is... odd. It makes me hope that perhaps Megatron has some debilitating, brain-eating disease that will be discovered. Or he's faking it so he can retire and go have grand mercenarying adventures on the galactic rim, because he's tired of managing the Decepticons.

But then I remember those options would be interesting and realize they're not going to happen in this fic.
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( May. 16th, 2008 09:01 pm)
... Motormaster is giving Thundercracker relationship advice.




With this.

ETA: Motormaster fondled Bombshell's antennae affectionately. "Hey, sugarbot. Think we can do a little matchmaking here?"

The insecticon shivered at the table. "Bewarrree, or I may give my sting rright in front of Thundercracker, Thundercracker!"

"Ooh, you're rough tonight." the brutish decepticon blushed.




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