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( Aug. 13th, 2010 05:31 pm)
Ways customers baffle and frustrate me in drive-up:

- send check and filled-out deposit slip in
- get annoyed when I deposit your check

Apparently they wanted the check cashed. On further examination, the deposit slip had the entire amount of the check in the Less Cash line. However, I see people put their totals there on accident all the time.

If you want to cash your check, just send up your check and your ID. We do not need or want a deposit slip.

And lest you think this is one lone weirdo, this has happened to me several times with several different people.
Work is making me absolutely miserable.

I finally got permanent, and the place I'm permanent at has changed since the last time I was there. For one thing, they're putting me in driveup. I've found, after a week of working there, that I can't stand the people in driveup. They're hypocritical, whiny, and rude.

I could deal with that if the branch hadn't suddenly come down hard on non-work internet, books, and anything non-work in general. It's the middle of summer, the driveup and the lobby are both slow, and there is literally nothing for me to do when there are no customers. I'm going out of my mind from sheer boredom.

It's reaching the point where I dread going into work. When I start dreading my job, it's time to start looking for a new job.

I'm going to give it at least until mid-August to improve, but if it doesn't, I'm quitting before Dragon*Con. I'm also going to talk to my immediate supervisor about please putting me in lobby rather than leaving me in the driveup.
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( Jul. 24th, 2008 09:24 pm)
Sometimes I have to pretend to be a shark in order to get through a shift at work. You stop moving, you die.
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( Jan. 19th, 2008 01:26 pm)
Our seasonal section at work is a mix of Mardi Gras/Valentines/St. Patrick's/spring/Easter stuff. It's a bit mind-smacking.
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( Jul. 19th, 2007 10:20 pm)
Put up a Tinkerbell endcap. This was fun, as it first involved taking down the previous endcap, then arranging the hangars and shelves to spec. Then it was time to load up on boxes, bring them out there, and get out the boxcutter! (Yes, part of the equipment I've collected in my work-apron is a boxcutter. I also have a permanent marker, a pair of scissors, a collection of overstock stickers, and a length of hanger stickers. I keep telling myself I need to add some tape, too.)

Loaded up the endcap, rejuggled where the shelves were positioned so I could actually fit some items, put the items I couldn't stock into a box and marked it as overstock, then dragged a ladder over so I could put the overstock box way high out of reach. Steering the really big ladders is fun - the little ladders you have to drag with very little aid from their wheels, but the big ones roll pretty smoothly. The hard part is making turns.

That was the highlight of my evening. In the remaining two hours after that, I did recovery1 on almost the entire store and restocked returned items. I didn't intend to recover most of the store - I was only supposed to do recovery on the back wall. But the two cashiers were so busy that they couldn't recover their sections, so the manager asked me to do that.

To add to the fun, when the store closed, there were several people who would not leave. So I was stuck there for an extra forty minutes. Nice for my paycheck and all, but in that time, I did more restocking and got asked to do the recovery on framing. Seeing as some of the people who wouldn't leave were putting in a framing order so the framer couldn't recover her own area. And yay, there was more stuff abandoned in framing from clear over on the other side of the store!

Seriously, people. Why are you leaving t-shirts in the framing department? That's just bizarre.

On another upside of things, I used my employee discount to pick up some candles and candle-holders. I have an overwhelming need to try a bath with floating candles in it. Just gotta try not to set my hair on fire.

1. Recovery involves going through a section, straightening out messes, and returning abandoned items to where they actually belong. For some reason, people will abandon items from the other side of the store in places.
You remember those "what I did for my summer vacation?" essays teachers liked to make you write when you came back in the fall for another round of 'can I do something fun and interesting during the six or seven hours I have to be at school?'?

Well, assuming I still had to write those, "counting money" would make up a large portion of mine.

See, every morning at work, someone has to come in two hours before opening and balance the money. Got to make sure all the cash registers get the money they're allotted, that the change bag has the right amount of money in it, that our profit gets packed to go to the bank, that all the little slips of paper balance out to the right amount of money that's recorded to have gone through our system, etc. This takes hours of counting, calculating, and recording.

And I like it. I really like it. I even want to look into what it takes to become a chartered public accountant, because this is interesting work. It's something that actually lets me use math that I enjoy, instead of just forgetting I know anything at all about numbers ever.

When I get sufficiently comfortable with this job, the manager also wants to train me as a sales associate. I can't cashier anymore since I'm doing this, and doing both would be a major conflict of interest. Pretty easy to manipulate the books when you're covering both ends, you know?
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( Mar. 15th, 2007 03:10 pm)
Reasons Why My Boss is Made of Awesome:
- He had his copy of "Master of Reality" (Black Sabbath's third cd) on-hand and let me borrow it during his lunch break. I happily ripped myself a copy.
- We spent most of my shift today discussing music, mostly metal and punk. Then we wandered off into art and the kind of art Nyssa's painter boyfriend liked, which was also fun. ^__^
- He recommended several different bands to us, and since he's big on obscure 60s and 70s bands, this should be an interesting musical experience.
- He pointed me at a good review site for punk, metal, and random other stuff - Satan Stole My Teddybear.
- He has ordered himself a copy of Sleep's Jerusalem, which is about fifty minutes of stoner metal praising Jesus and pot. He says he'll either love or he'll hate it, but he wants to see how it sounds and what kind of synergy it has with Black Sabbath's "Master of Reality".
So I'm going to be at work for another two hours tonight, since I agreed to take T's shift. Not too bad, since my boss leaves, oh, about now, so I can just sit around here for the next two hours and go over my Art History notes.

T also offered to cover a shift for me, so he's taking two hours off the end of my Friday shift. Leaving early, yay!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get my groove on and finish up my entry for the mecha_e challenge. Only have today and tomorrow left to write it in... *looks shifty*

*ponders how she's going to manage dinner*
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( Oct. 26th, 2006 04:38 pm)
The public buildings of the university don't turn on the heat until December. So when the weather starts turning cold in October and November, you pretty much just have to suffer and wear sweatshirts all over the place. This is especially fun when you take into account that it's about, oh, 'invigorating' in terms of cold outside, but inside we're closer to 'Arctic ice storm'.

So, our library is freezing right now. About an hour into my shift I'd noticed that it had suddenly become downright comfortable for my t-shirt-clad self. Wanting to make sure I was still sane and healthy, and that the fever I thought I had yesterday was just my imagination, I asked one of my co-workers if it had gotten warmer in here or if it was just me.

Nope, she was still freezing.

The next obvious question was, "Am I feverish?"

Yep, she says after putting her hand on my forehead. Her hand was freezing, I might add.

This explains why, on Tuesday night, I found myself perfectly comfortable temperature-wise, but earlier that afternoon, I was freezing my buns off.

It's a weird fever, though, since all I've really noticed as far as effects goes is the wonkiness with my internal temperature. I have gotten a little disoriented every now and then, but I've not felt like crawling in bed and staying there yet.

I've got about an hour and three-quarters left to my shift, and I'm going to stick it out. For one thing, my boss goes home in fifteen minutes, so I can just sit in the office and read my book after he goes. For another thing, I can be just as sick here at work as I can be at home.

Learn to use them.

Yes, I work behind the Information Desk at a college library. No, this does not mean that telling me the title of the book you are looking for will let me tell you where it is. You know what I will do instead?

Go to the computerized card catalogue and pull up the call number! (And check to see if it hasn't been checked out or if it's in a special collection while I'm there.)

I can understand not being able to find a particular call number in this library. There's a variety of reasons for that: the layout's a bit confusing, the book might be checked out, the book might be missing, the book might be in a special collection, the book might have just not been reshelved yet, you're looking for it on the wrong damn floor...

But I cannot help you if you don't give me a call number.
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( Sep. 13th, 2006 06:51 pm)
At about 4:15 this afternoon, I was shifting books with a co-worker. We were working in the GTs, specifically the books devoted to food and drink. This was pure torment as I had just been re-assigned from talking with another co-worker about good local restaurants. I was deeply conscious of the fact that in half hour, I could get off work and go have dinner myself.

The lights flickered and then went out entirely. Back in the stacks like we were, it gets very dark. It was practically black, actually. We promptly headed back to the office to find out what we should do - in this case, evacuate the floor. This done, we head downstairs ourselves to help with getting people out of the building and maybe find out what was going on.

Well, we didn't find out what was happening, but we did learn that power was out all over campus. (I later found out that it was out in half the city. Seems Entergy had been doing repairwork or somesuch and screwed something up royally.)

Since the library pretty much closed, we clocked out early and I headed back to my dorm. Passing by the Union on the way was interesting; all the lights were out, but you could still duck into the building for whatever reason, such as checking your mailbox.

My dorm was also without power, except for the backup generators that gave power to the card-readers. So I got into the building, trotted up the stairs to my dorm, opened the windows to let in some air (no air-conditioning, agh!) and light, and settled down to read for several hours.

At about 6 or so, I went for a walk around campus with my mp3. That was nice, as there was a cool breeze blowing, but vehicle traffic was terrible with the lights being out. No accidents that I saw, but I would have hated to have to drive in that. I got back to my dorm at about 6:30-40, and we had power again so that was yay.

Still haven't had dinner yet, though.
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( Jul. 31st, 2006 11:14 pm)
It's so depressing to read about the job situation in America right now.

*whimpers* I just want a nice, steady job when I get out of college that won't run me ragged and will let me afford an apartment with utilities and an Internet connection. But I don't think I can get that very easily if I pursue what I love and want to get a degree in.

Or if I choose to pursue 3D and digital art, LSU isn't the best university for that sort of thing.
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( Apr. 18th, 2006 01:36 pm)
Yesterday, my neck started bothering me, aching something awful. Today, I went to the student clinic to get it looked at. Got X-rayed and a prescription for muscle relaxants. Apparently, I've lost the curve of my neck from muscle spasms. This is, apparently, common after auto accidents.

Anyway, can't take my painkillers till dinner. One has to be taken with food, and the other makes you drowsy. Ah well.

Special thanks to the anonymous donor who bought me another year of paid LJ. I shall take this as a sign that I am doing a good job on the 'blogging and continue to do so.

I like writing memes. It lets me focus on something else for a while, and I get to create something I enjoy creating and know other people will enjoy.

ETA: When I am going through the HD shelves in the library and making sure everything is in order, I should not find books with B and D call numbers jammed in randomly. B isn't even on this floor! How can you just bring those books up here and abandon them in the stacks where we have little chance of finding them for at least a week?
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( Mar. 8th, 2006 06:02 pm)
I am going to go mad. Moreso than usual, I mean.

It's midterm week. Luckily, the only one left for me is Anthropology tomorrow afternoon. Not so fortunately, this test is worth a third of my grave.

I have been cramming all week. I have basically reached the stage of "screw it, if I don't know it by now, I'm not going to learn it before tomorrow". Also, I have been going to bed at one for the last three nights. Since I normally have to be places by nine every morning, this means I am tired. So, I am stressed and tired. Surprisingly, this does not seem to be a recipe for Bitchzilla, destroyer of worlds, though I have been a trifle more cranky about the state of the library shelves.

Thankfully for everyone involved, I've also reached the "screw this" point on dealing with the Ns in the library. There's just no coping with the fact that our evil patrons can't reshelve a book in the proper place to save their lives.

I also lack my car. This annoys me as I really would like to go for a drive about now. Check and see if Cybertron Soundwave is at Wal-Mart or something. As it is, I have been playing with my minicons rather obsessively.

Thankfully, after tomorrow, I have two weeks to prepare for my next History test. Plenty of time.
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( Feb. 14th, 2006 02:31 pm)
I woke up today at about eight-thirty, but I didn't come alive until sometime during work. And while I'm zoning out in Anthropology, I actually got to this class, unlike the one I had this morning.

Work, however, has the most consistant way for bringing me out of a dead zone - make me shelf books in the N section. As I pointed out to my coworker about the ND 553 section, "You might as well stick the books in at random, because you're never going to figure out where they actually go."

So stealing time on Thursday to reshelve that entire section.

Also, the book stacks are not a trashcan. There are trashcans scattered all about the library - I do not need to find candybar wrappers and bottles on the shelves with the books. You will behave like a civilized human being in the library, or I will hurt you.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2006 03:03 pm)
Back at my dorm again after a weekend at home. Picked up Cybertron Thundercracker and Jetfire and brought them back here. Need to pose them again - Jetfire had TC in his arms back at home.

That just leaves the Alternators and Energon Megatron to find space for. Considering as the Alternators shed doors like lizards shed tails when I try to transform them, it'll be a while before I move them up here.

In the news of Cybertron toys that I want to acquire: Excellion. Red Hot Shot repaint and very pretty. I shall declare him Hot Rod and let him snuggle with Galvatron when I acquire both of them. (As you can see, I have issues. Fortunately, they don't interfere with my ability to function in class.)

Work at the library is going well. We're working on integrating the Design books into the rest of the library, as well as all of our other work. All of my classes look good, though it'll be a miracle if I can pull myself through an entire semester of Calculus. Shiesh, but going to math everyday drains me. Plus, the class is right before Biology and a good ways across campus from the Biology lecture room.

May just drop Calculus, take another class of some sort. Just so I can get to Biology on time and not drain myself so much.

- Just checked a quick degree audit for my proposed major. I don't slagging need to take Calculus. So, so dropped. Now, more Anthropology! *loves anthropology*

Oh, yes, for those of you who enjoy writing... Sylv linked to this last week, and I am just now getting around to passing it on. A seminar on writing prose. I enjoyed it immensely as it actually pointed out technical aspects that I would like to work on and broke down how they're usually done. Very interesting, useful reading.
Good Things: Talked to Vinita, enjoyed myself immensely by being with a friend who hadn't come with me from Lutheran.

Met some guy friends of Erica's, one of whom loved my Transformers collection. Very awesome!

Had hot chocolate to drink.

Bad Things: Staying up past midnight to type up a history paper that feels like I'm just regurgitating what the book has to say.

Feel so fragging lonely out here.

Stupid Thing: Twit in library left his laptop unattended long enough for me to fill five near-floor-to-ceiling shelves with books. Seriously tempted me to take a five-fingered discount.
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( Sep. 16th, 2005 12:01 pm)
So. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I work in the library from 8:30 to 11:30. Then I go to class from 12:30 to 4:30.

Am very thankful for that hour-long break that lets me go to the union and stuff some calories into myself. Mmmm, calories.

Still hungry, but likely able to hold out till dinner.
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( Jul. 18th, 2005 08:55 pm)
Work schedule: Monday and Tuesday off, but agreed to come in on Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30. Closing the rest of the week.

Three weeks left at that stinking job!

Picked up the new Harry Potter book today. Haven't cracked it open yet. (I also acquired the next volume of Fushigi Yuugi, Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake.)

Also got a carrying case and a mouse for my laptop. Much yay!

Posted my entry for the Bad Cliches Made Good Ficathon - Under the Faded Light of the Dog Star. Title made up totally spur of the moment when I realized that I needed one. My cliche involved people who died in canon actually still being alive. I think I handled it interestingly.

BW fic still in beta. *sighs* Mostly working on a Reflector fic right now; trying to get at least a first draft finished. Am holding off on reworking the start of said fic until I get an end down, too, which is driving me crazy.

Assorted fics in various stages of incomplete, as per usual.

And finally, English Angora rabbits are giant dustbunnies from Hell.
I think all of one person who reads my journal will get the subject line. *waves to that person*

That being said: Sunday off for the hurricane, Monday and Tuesday off for not working 40+ hours a week and getting paid overtime.

Looks like Dennis will hit the Mobile Bay area, but we'll still get smacked around a bit.

Oh, yes, remember in my last journal when I said I'd be as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest Friday night? Well, I so, so was. Friday and Saturdays are our busiest nights usually, and I was the only person on fountain. Every single fucking person who came wanted ice cream. Many of them wanted multiple varieties of it. We had so many drive-offs because I couldn't get the drinks out in time. I was also stuck making drinks after we closed, I was so behind on making them. Gack!

Tonight was better, though we still had some drive-offs. This time the back up came from there only being two carhops to take stuff out, and at any given time, one was on the speaker taking orders and the other was delivering orders. At the end of the night, the other fountain-girl and I started taking orders, which was cool.

On an unrelated note, writing Snape is impossible with ABBA playing.

Now I'm going to listen to the musical version of War of the Worlds.


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