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( Feb. 27th, 2011 01:23 am)
Wand Wood and Core Properties, take with grain of salt, use as desired.

- Iroh: Dragon heartstring and walnut
- Jeong Jeong: Hippogriff feather and hazelwood
- Piandao: Veela hair and hawthorn
- Pakku: Kelpie hair/dragon heartstring and sequoia wood
- Bumi: Dragon heartstring and reed

[Me]: Bumi's wand is probably a complete opposite set of core and wood. Something that most people would never think could work together.

- Shi Kai: Boomslang venom and hornwood

- Kiet: Fwooper feather and applewood
- Xin Wan: Acromantula web and Japanese ash
- Liu: Phoenix feather and gingko wood
- Hyo: Thestral hair and black ironwood
- Xiang: Hippogriff feather and gingko wood
- Qin: Unicorn hair and plum wood
- Jae: Dragon heartstring with Japanese maple

- Ozai: Phoenix feather and cypress
- Ursa: Basilisk skin and kaya wood
- Hakoda: Fairy wings and madrona wood
- Bato: Mermaid hair and sequoia wood

[Spyri] They may speak an East Asian language, but they are based on Inuits so North American woods. >_>


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