Fills I have particularly enjoyed so far from the first round of [ profile] norsekink. It's currently closed to new prompts, but people are still writing fills for this round, as well as for round two, so I'll probably include any new fills that catch my eye when I do a round two rec post.

For multi-part fills where they don't thread the fill under the previous fill, I link directly to the prompt itself. Just scroll down until you find the fill.

Naturally, there are spoilers all throughout here.

Anything you think I should have recced but didn't? Tell people about the story in the comments!

Recs Behind the Cut )
So there is this amazing prompt on the [ profile] norsekink meme for a world where Loki is the superhero and Thor is the supervillain. I have figured out a villainous Thor, and figuring out antihero Loki will have to wait on seeing the movie again, but I can't do this without Balder.

Think about it. The youngest prince, raised as another arrogant son of Odin, but with the added bonus of being nigh-on unkillable. If he's gone bad, he's probably gone rotten.

However, my brain keeps trying to make him nihilistic, and I do not want that.

This is an exercise to help me figure out how to write him. Five slots, first come, first served. Since this is an exercise, I may or may not write your prompt.

Things to know:
- This is mostly movie-verse, except with added Balder as the third brother. He's younger than Thor and Loki but still an adult.
- Balder has never felt physical pain in his life and only rarely felt emotional pain.
- He is a psychopath, even by Asgardian standards, but he is still quite beloved by the people of Asgard.
- He is married to a daughter of Freyja named Nanna. He is not abusive, but he is also not really very good at being a husband. The sex is good, though, and she provides some balance he needs.
- He is prone to wandering off for years at a time and coming back laden with booty and tales of killing a lot of very dangerous things.
- Loki: "Are you sure you can triumph over him?"
Balder: "He can't defeat me."
Loki: "True, but not what I asked."

Balder listened to that and keeps it in mind.


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