Currently I pull five comics from DC:

- Green Lantern
- Green Lantern Corps
- Emerald Warriors
- Booster Gold
- The Flash

Looking at the various titles on offer post-reboot, I will likely pull:

- Green Lantern
- Green Lantern Corps
- The New Guardians
- Red Lantern(s) [at least for a few issues]
- Booster Gold
- The Flash
- Justice League International
- Blue Beetle
[ETA:] - Aquaman

Possibly also Resurrection Man, because the inherent concept sounds interesting.

So I would be adding three four new comic lines I buy issues from, which is a win for DC. On the other hand, three of the ones I'm adding are: yet another Lantern Corps spin-off and you can see I already really like Lanterns, Jaime!Blue Beetle in his own series again when I own all the issues of his previous series, and a team comic with both Booster and Jaime.

So, it is a general win for DC because I am buying more comics from them, but it doesn't seem to be a specific win where their reboot gets me interested in properties and teams outside of the ones I was already interested in. Except Aquaman.


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