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( Jun. 27th, 2011 09:50 pm)
I should not have started this trilogy until I had the third book in my hands.

Spoilers )
Also, my normal computer is down right now. I let it restart to install a new Windows update about three and a half hours ago, and it's still doing that. Luna, that thing I was going to ask you about will have to wait until tomorrow.

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

- DragonBall Z - 1 story, some drabbles
- Sailor Moon - a bunch of drabbles and request ficlets
- The Matrix - a bunch of stories, some drabbles and request ficlets
- Jackie Chan Adventures - a handful of stories, a few drabbles
- Transformers - a shit-ton of stories, a fair number of drabbles and request ficlets
- Avatar: the Last Airbender - a lot of stories, a lot of drabbles and request ficlets
- Harry Potter - a few stories for ficathons
- Robin McKinley's Damar - one Yuletide story
- Seanan McGuire's Velveteen vs. - one Yuletide story
- Stargate SG-1 - a handful of request ficlets
- The Mummy - one Yuletide story and two drabbles
- Jim Butcher's Codex Alera - three stories
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars - one story
- Thor (2011 movie) - seven stories
- Marvel (mutants) - a handful of request ficlets and drabbles
- Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files - two stories
- ReBoot - some stories, a few drabbles and request ficlets
- The Bible - one story
- Pirates of the Caribbean - a few stories
- Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet - two stories
- Dr. Who - one crossover with AtLA

If I have ever written in any other fandoms, I do not remember them.

The fandoms I still write in is harder to define. I recently pulled out some Transformers story-fragments from my files and went "hm, I can do something with these". I also finished a novella-length AtLA fanfic a month ago and have burned out on AtLA. My Codex Alera stories tend to be written solely for the Codex Alera ficathon, which I sign up for every time. I've got some ideas for Thor stuff to write, but I'm a bit "meh" about the kink meme right now. I toy with doing another Daine/Rikash story, there's a Sailor Moon story I really need to rewatch the entire series in order to write, and I'm probably good enough now to tackle the JCA novel I planned out years ago if I'm willing to sit down and rewatch the first three seasons.

And, of course, Lord knows what I'll wind up writing for Yuletide. Maybe I can give Seanan another heart attack for Christmas.


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