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( Feb. 4th, 2010 11:59 am)
Reminder: [ profile] helptheproject.


I got into Transformers four or five years ago. Coincidentally, four or five years ago was when my grandfather died and Hurricane Katrina hit. (Those two incidents are unrelated, except that they both happened in the same year.) Now, I'm not saying I would never have gotten into Transformers if neither of those things had happened, but I don't think I would have become a toy-collector if they hadn't.

Let me explain. I shop to deal with grief. I shop to deal with depression. "Treating" myself, even if what I'm buying isn't always a treat and will just make me unhappy later when the bill comes.

Well, I have a whole bunch of Transformers toys these days, and I find myself looking at them and wondering what to do with them. Heck, most everything I've bought as a Transformers toy in the past two years is still in its box.

Some of the toys I love to death (you will pry boat-Elita from my cold, dead fingers), some of them are just... Signs of completism, I think. I've mostly sold those off by now, but there's still a lot of toys that are somewhere between "MINE!" and "what the heck was I thinking?".

This afternoon, I'm moving them and my Star Wars toys into my closet, to go with the rest of my Transformers and my GI Joes. There are way too many things in boxes, but it'll feel good to have the space in my room again.
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( Sep. 17th, 2009 04:36 pm)
I have way too much clutter in my life. As part of a way to get rid of that clutter, I'm selling off various never-opened Transformers toys I don't want anymore. Boxes may not be in mint condition, but they've never been opened and the toys have never been played with. If you want me to, I can check on box-condition for individual queries.

Prices are completely arbitrary. I am open to bargaining or trades, though I would prefer not trading for things that result in more clutter in my house. Unless they're for toys I really want, and I suggest you check my 101 in 1001 list for the handful of toys I really want.

Cut )
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( Dec. 29th, 2008 03:15 pm)
I don't seem to have the willpower to walk away from a Clone Wars display without half their stock.

So I really need to avoid toy stores in the future. Which is going to make looking for an Ahsoka figure a bitch and a half.
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( Aug. 15th, 2008 03:01 pm)
Decepticon Sonic Warrior

"You ain't heard nothin' yet!"

Soundwave has only been around for a little while, but he knows that if there's one thing he loves, it's noise! Sound is like clay that he sculpts to his purpose. The more noise there is around him, the more elaborate he can get in how he uses it. He can imitate voices, make humans fall asleep, and even take control of simple robots with sound. He hopes the Autobots are ready, because he's about to rock them harder than they've ever been rocked before.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
- Sonic attacks can fry circuitry
- Sonic shielding can deflect attacks
- Laserbeak [his guitar/bird] can acoustically hack any computer
Since I just woke up, and thus have no good things about today yet. (No, sleeping till almost noon is not a good thing in this case, since I've been trying to get up at nine.)

5. Two of my Transformer t-shirts that have been in Limbo for most of the summer finally got washed. Now they are wearable and clean. One's a sweet little black-and-grey Megatron and Optimus profile shirt, while the other is a rather dark "Me Grimlock Kick Butt" shirt.

4. I bought more Robot Heroes! Teeny, super-deformed Transformers are excellent. Teeny Blitzwing. Bliiiiiiiitzwiiiiiing!

3. Instead of throwing a complete and total temper fit over something, I managed to walk away while my passion was high. Then when it died down to manageable levels, I managed to articulately explain to several people why I was unhappy.

2. We watched two more episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, season 1. (Spoil me in the comments, and I will ban your ass.)

Spoilers for what I've seen so far )

1. Having watched two more episodes of Avatar, I could read two more chapters of Dark Puck's "Soldier Boy" without being spoiled. Yay! Now to get caught up to the point where I can read some more of "Small Flame".
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( Jul. 23rd, 2008 11:08 pm)
Classics Wildrider

A Japanese convention exclusive - Chara Hobby Show on Aug. 30, to be specific.

I have decided that henceforth, all black repaints shall be referred to as Nemesis So-and-So on this journal.

Exceptions: Black Hot Rods will be referred to as Rodimus Void. Black Optimus Primes will either be Scourge or Motormaster, depending on whether they use teal or purple as their accent color.

That is all.

Nemesis Bumblebee

Nemesis Megatron

Nemesis Arcee
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 04:37 pm)
There. Are. No. Words.

Pictures of Struts, "four hip fashion model horses with a sassy style"1.

No. Words.


1. Press release looking thing from the manufacturer.


Edit: From the comments on the 'blog mocking these things:

On deeper reflection, what seems an unholy alliance of pandering to the worst excesses of "what girls like" (note: may not be what girls actually like) really comes across as almost a randomized grab-bag of quirks. It's as if some alien or artificial intelligence was fed in a long list of surveys from young girls and randomly popped out: dress-up dolls, horses, cheap-looking purses. Voila! Struts*!

We may easily also have seen: cupcakes, bedazzlers, stuffed animals. In which case, we'd have gotten TartzĀ© -- the loveable plushie dessert toys that you can put earings and bracelets on. With comable icing!

-- samael7

I would totally buy Tartz for wtf-value. >_<

I wonder what the stallions / geldings look like, to go along with these ponies..

Pimps with big purple 70's style velvet wide brimmed hats?

I would buy these, too.

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( Dec. 4th, 2007 09:46 pm)
Today has apparently been a Give Becca Stunticons To Squee Over Day. I support these endeavors most heartily.

Classics Menasor
More pictures of Classics Menasor
Alternators Menasor

Awesome art of an Alternators Menasor
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( Jun. 7th, 2007 03:40 pm)
I love me some Real Gear Transformers, except for their names, since many of them seem to have been stuck with the kind of names that make "Erector" look like the pinnacle of awesomeness. Like my adorable little camcorder, "Zoom Out 25x".

Yeah. Renaming him to "Spyglass".

Also, Spyglass watches Transformers: Cybertron. *giggles at the image of Override on his viewscreen*
So, in between catching up on my back issues of 3D World and tweaking shader settings, I've been freeing Transformers from their plastic prisons.

Curiously, Waspinator has two heads - his "mutant wasp" head that we see on the show and a rather handsome-looking mech head. I know Dinobot has a similar feature, and I think a few of my other BWX guys do too. Except for Tarantulas. He just gets to be his show-self.

Still, Waspinator with a handsome-mech face is oddly enchanting, so he's sitting on my bookshelf now with that head out. [ profile] dragoness_e commented that explained a line she'd read in a fic recently about "removing his helmet to reveal the scared young mech beneath". Nice to see a little bit of the toy imagery getting used in fics.

Various people from TF2K5 may have caught this, but I do like using the toy-version of Blitzwing when describing him. Less parts shoved away in subspace, and the silliness of his main gun coming out of the back of his head is avoided.

Freed various and diverse mini-cons, discovered I had a duplicate pair that I didn't know I had. So I stuck them in the section of my closet where I'm storing "to be repainted or kitbashed" TFs and knock-offs. (Speaking of which, I need to get back to my current projects, seeing as I'm going away to college next week.)

Hoping to head up to Baton Rouge tomorrow to pick up my textbooks and maybe get a look at my dorm. See how much more, or less, space I have than I had at Miller. Maybe jaunt by the library to see if I can get a copy of Lolita.

He was brutally handsome,
She was terminally pretty.

- "Life in the Fast Lane", The Eagles

Random lyric bit that jumped out at me on the radio the other day. Don't know how many times I've heard this song over the years, but this was the first time I snapped out, "But 'Poli isn't pretty!" in response.
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 04:36 pm)
Oh, and Alternators Nemesis Prime? Out-of-stock, baby.

These are just the pictures that are of interest to me, mind you. Transformers Titaniums, with some shiny new six-inchers like Scourge, Soundwave, Rodimus Prime, Optimal Optimus, and this red fire-truck guy who looks like a Prime and I have no idea who he actually is. The six-inchers as yet remain my favorites, due to the whole 'transformation' thing and Thundercracker's sheer sexiness. May pick up some of the three-inchers, though. I'm pretty sure I saw a Cliffjumper in there, as well as a smexy F-15 Thundercracker.

There's also Predaking. By that notion, I require Menasor and Superion.

*pauses and catches the back of one of the Titaniums boxes* There is an Ark Titanium? Cool!

Transformers: Cybertron toys. Mostly repaints. Brakedown GTS has apparently not realised that his name should be Kup.

On the one hand, I'm quite fond of the Demolisher mold. On the other hand, I'm not that fond of it. Still it does have a better paint-job this time around than my Energon Demolisher did. But does his Cyber Key just do the same thing that his minicon did? (Do I even remember what his minicon does? No.)

I am uncertain if I love Vector Prime enough to get the gold repaint. We'll see how it looks in person. Heavy Load is strangely enticing with his cyans, but he's an Ultra-Class and I usually skip those for monetary reasons. On the other hand, I will get Cryo Scourge. Blue dragon! I think that means he breathes lightning.

Also, I have no idea what I am looking at here, besides a Prime variant, but it's way cool.

Classics Astrotrain remains as sexy as ever.
Alt. Nemesis Prime, that bastion of hot pickup truckness, is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Shiri got flailed at over the unfairness of this.

Then I read further down the article and found out Hasbro was going to make him available on their online store after the 'Con. So, rightness was restored. And Shiri got flailed at some more.

In other news, I almost killed myself several times this morning hauling boxes from upstairs to downstairs that were full of books and evilly heavy. But as soon as I get the rest of the roleplaying games out of my room, I can do some more efficient cleaning that involves throwing out things I don't want to keep or donating them to Goodwill.

After accumulating things at college for a year, it's annoying to come home and find I have no room for my stuff.

Still no job. Vicious headache signifying the onset of Shark Week, though.
Finally opened the box that my G1 Soundwave came in. He's nice, even if his joints are a bit stiff. At least he's not Motormaster, who always scares me into thinking I'll rip his arms off when I transform him. Missing his battery cover, batteries, and accessories, and the front's a bit dingy. On the (maybe) plus side, he's a Takara Soundwave rather than a Hasbro one. That likely means more to a collector.

I just tend to play with my toys. Thinking of getting a KO Soundwave from E-Bay to do some repairs on Takara boy here.

Got two cassettes with it: Overkill and Buzzsaw. Overkill is missing a foot, so I cannot resist calling him Gimpy. Buzzsaw is missing his head. He looks rather creepy sitting there on Soundwave's shoulder.

Suspect I wound up with a cannibalistic Soundwave.
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( Apr. 14th, 2006 12:15 pm)
Some of the Wal-Mart Easter basket assortments have a decent-sized knock-off Superion included. "Changeable Robot Fighter Plane". Haven't taken him out to play with yet, so no reports on the quality.
I have a repaint project I want to do, but I need four or five little PVC Arcees to complete it. I'd prefer not to buy them in ones off of E-Bay if I can help it, so if anyone knows where I can get them in bulk that would be awesome.

Otherwise, I shall hit E-Bay.

ETA: 4/5 of the girls have been found and paid for.
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( Mar. 11th, 2006 01:45 pm)
Arrived home last night to find that my G1 Thrust (with fists, tail fins, and one gun!) had arrived! Yay! That completes my collection of original G1 coneheads. Going to look into the prices for Dirge and Ramjet's tailfins, see if they're worth picking up. Fists are something I will drop money on when I am feeling especially money-drop-happy.

And today, I went shopping around town. Metairie still hasn't gotten the latest wave in (except of Alternators, for some reason), so I have yet to get my hands on Cybertron Soundwave. On the other hand, I found Vector Prime, Overhaul, and Dark Crumplezone. Am very glad to have the Veccy, as I was worried about not getting the TRU-exclusive two-pack. While I'll still keep my eye out for that, I've pretty much given up on getting a Cybertron Starscream.

Also got 10th Anniversary BW Rhinox. Just Waspy left in this wave, then I can look forward to the next bunch.

The fun part is going to be finding room in my dorm for these guys. I still haven't brought Energon Megatron or the Alternators over because I have no place to put them. (The Alternators have currently colonized Mom's computer table.) I think I'll have to clear off more of my backboard/shelf/thing.

And Battle Unicorn is on his way... Plus, I've got plans to hit various Baton Rouge TF-carrying stories to look for Soundwave.
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( Mar. 1st, 2006 04:56 pm)
I have discovered something awesome to quest for, and his name is Battle Unicorn.


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