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Weird Teevee on DZ Earth

- My Little Pony: A Real American Stallion

- BattleNASCAR Galactica: [Luna]: "In a stunning twist, it turns out Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has been replaced with a Cylon duplicate."

- Maximum Security Hospital - [Luna]: a hospital and prison in one, where you have hot doctors making out with hot cops all the time.

- Law and Order: CSI - "In the criminal justice system, the smallest details of a crime scene can solve a case. In New York City, each crime scene is investigated by the Crime Scene Investigations unit. These are their stories."

- Battle Politicians: Anime. [Luna]: The heroes go to a politician who believes them, is actually helpful, and then grabs a shotgun to go hunt bad guys... and then we get ridiculous SSJ senators in S2. :v

"Oh no, his Blade of Gerrymandering is unbeatable! Our only hope is to counter with a filibuster!"

- Darth Harry: Movie. Star Wars spin-off.

[Luna]: World does not need a maverick Sith Lord cop.

- David Kaye Live: [DE] Talk show with David Kaye using his BW Megatron voice. He interviews political figures. Possibly he mocks them, too.

[Sam]: "And what are your views on tax reform, yeeeess?"

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I like to imagine that the initial Shotgun Politician is a hunter-conservationist who believes in fighting deer overpopulation and whose family enjoys venison, and they always donate any excess meat they don't need to the local food bank so that poor people can also enjoy delicious venison, and his older daughter enjoys carving antlers and tanning hides for art projects, so nothing goes to waste.

And then, in a pinch, Shotgun Politician has to call in his buddy, Fencer Politician, who studied fencing in college, to help them out, and Fencer Politician is best friends with Archer Politician...

And so on.


And then when Pokemon Trainer Politician and Laser Eyes Politician are introduced, everyone just calls 'shenanigans'.