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Name:Rebecca Hb.
Birthdate:Apr 19
Website:My Livejournal
All books are either dreams or swords,
You can cut, or you can drug, with words.

-- Amy Lowell: 'Sword Blades and Poppy Seed'

Friending Policy: Since apparently I need one these days. I don't mind if you friend me for whatever reason your little heart desires. I will probably not friend back unless I know you, as I have a huge reading list as it is.

I write. I try to venture all over the spectrum with my writing, but I confess that I never write about something that I have no interest in. As such, reading my journal will get you subjected to a variety of things, but mostly to transforming robots and Avatar. If you have inherent issues with Transformers or Avatar, this probably isn't the journal for you. If you have issues with Transformers or Avatar slash, you might want to be careful about which journal entries you read. I generally mark for pairings, though, so keep an eye out for that.

Real life only tends to be touched upon when something interesting happens. Because, really, who wants to read about the normal drudgery of working?

Not only do I write, I mock. I am a mocker. Though, there have been times when instead of mocking things, I've seized and cuddled them as excellent examples of the really awful. "Primus's Gift" comes to mind.

Sometimes I am a ranter, which is also something to be wary of if you've a delicate constitution or happen to be the target of my ire. I can get ugly when I vent my spleen, or so people react.

For those interested in finding various fics by me, if they're still up on the Internet, you can find them through one of the links on the sidebar of my Livejournal. You can find a lot of stuff through the sidebar of my Livejournal, really.

Mood nulls on my journal are courtesy of Slack and Hash's Domain.

Any icon that has no maker credit in my icon collection was made by me.

LJ layout by [info]gawariel_design

Interests (143):

abe sapien, aerialbots, ahsoka, ahsoka tano, art, atla, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, bahzell bahnakson, beast wars, blitzwing, blitzwing/lugnut, boba fett, boss/niner bondage, brandark brandarkson, captain maze, captain rex, classic rock, clockwork nazi, colonel young, crack pairings, dai li, daine, daoc, dark age of camelot, darman/etain, darth snips, darth snips/general grievous, davy jones, daz studio, degsep, delta squad, dinobot, discworld, doctor rush, dr. rush, dresden files, echo bazaar, eli wallace, elijah snow, emerald rose, fallen london, fanfic, fanfiction, fett clones, fi/ordo, g1 transformers, gestalts, gilad pellaeon, girl genius, goa'uld, grand admiral thrawn, h. p. lovecraft, h.p. lovecraft, hakoda/ozai, hellboy, honor harrington, howard stark/steve rogers, iroh, iroh. jackie chan adventures, iron man, ivan vanko, jackie chan adventures, kal skirata, kroenen, lekauf clones, loki/steve rogers, loki/tony, loki/tony stark, long feng, long feng/song, lord of the rings, martin's passage, maze/ordo, maze/sull, megabyte, megatron, megatron's black-hole-powered man-eating phallus, michael carpenter, motormaster, motormaster/silverbolt, numair, omega squad, online gaming, optimus prime/elita one, optimus/elita, over-analyzing bad fanfic, ozai, ozorne, pellaeon, pellaeon/thrawn, pirates of the caribbean, planetary, pony island, rare pairings, rare pairs, reading bad fanfic, reboot, rex/ahsoka, riddick, roleplaying, seanan mcguire, sev/scorch, shiv/flanker, silverbolt, skirata/vau, slash, slingshot, sokka, soundwave, star wars, stargate universe, stormtroopers in skirts kissing, stunticons, system lord yu, tamora pierce, the matrix, thomas raith, thor, thor/loki, thrawn/pellaeon, tin man, tony stark, tony/vanko, tortall, transformers, transformers animated, transformers g1, transformers: ani, transformers: animated, transformers: deadzone, triple-changers, unsung heroes mush, valmont, vetinari, villains, vimes, walon vau, whiplash, will turner, writing, zhao, zuko

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