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Rebecca Hb. ([personal profile] beckyh2112) wrote2011-12-14 10:23 pm

Transformers: Make-Outs!

That is totally not what I'd call it, by the way.

I was whining at Pepper about the lack of certain scenes in G1 that would make vidding easier. She patted me on the back. "And here we are without an animation studio."

"If I had an animation studio. I would be doing Spinister/Needlenose make-outs. And Nightbeat. Solving mysteries and making out with dames."

The way I'm visualizing this, Nightbeat is our hero and main character. Muzzle is a secondary character, since he's also Nightbeat's head under most circumstances. Red Alert might guest-star. Pee-Dee would guest-star at least once. Elita One and her ladies would guest-star at least once. Firestar maybe more than once.

Spinister and Needlenose are the local Decepticon cops. They are, as it were, the Man. They mostly police Decepticons, but they're not averse to putting nosy noir detectives in the morgue. Very rarely, like in season finales or two-parters, they might have to work with Nightbeat.

But most of the time, you've got Nightbeat solving cases and trying to avoid the two Mayhems. You've got Spinister terrifying the local Decepticons. You've got Needlenose being fabulous. You've got the Nebulans trying not to be involved when their robots want to do things like make-out.

This is difficult for Muzzle, but if I can't have headless make-outs, what is the point of having a Headmaster for the hero?

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...Wow I would love to see that show. Nightbeat FtW!! (Also, yay, Red Alert guest starring! The Security Cheif needs more time where he's not damaged to insanity)
I'm overall neutral on make-out scenes for any genre/series so I'm naturally 'meh' on that (sorry), however everything else sounds so fantastic that were it a TV show I'd be watching it and buying the DVDs^^

Using this because I can.

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I want to see this show so hard. You are a genius.