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( Oct. 25th, 2011 10:40 pm)
[Bex]: I suspect my Nano is going to be a lot of "and now Becca describes this cities and its customs in detail because hey, word count, and she will sculpt this all into a story next draft"
[Rin]: that is most Nanos
[Kep]: *is thinking a lot of mine will be "and here is faux historical documents 'casue, word count and this way we have filler material for the back of the book..."
[Bex]: "and now, Revenant and Counterpoise have kinky robot sex and I try to remember Counterpoise is an it, not a he or a she"
[Rin]: personally I'm trying for "and now Rin describes this one cultural detail via sexy makeouts"
[Rin]: ahahahaha
[Kep]: Aww yeah
[Rin]: there will be a LOT OF making out
[Pux]: "And now, Rafe angsts/Monica is sweet/Chantelle kills shit/Rin has a hat."
[Bex]: Aw yeah! Hat!
[Rin]: A HAT A HAT
[Kep]: HAT!!!


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