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- Captain America, Thor, Dark of the Moon, and Young Justice DVDs
- books! :D
- hanging out with my people (this is so not going to happen, as most of them live out-of-state)
- the Saints in the Superbowl

Every single person who died in that movie died because of Nick.

You may not remember Nick. He's the wildlife photographer Hammond hired to go with Ian's team. We later find out he's an eco-terrorist, too.

During the course of the movie, he:
- releases all of Team Bad's captured dinosaurs, causing a stampede that destroys Team Bad's communications equipment,
- takes an injured t-rex baby back to his base camp, which brings the adult t-rexes along to kill one of Ian's team and destroy all of their equipment, and
- unloads Roland's gun, which means Roland can't shoot the t-rex when it's wandering through the panicking camp.

As a side effect of getting all that equipment destroyed, everyone has to band together and march into the velociraptor territory at the center of the island because there's communications equipment in the old Ingen labs there.

As a side effect of unloading Roland's gun, when Roland reloads it, he uses tranqs. So when he does shoot the t-rex, it remains alive and can be taken to San Diego.

Nick did NOT deserve to survive this movie.


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